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    Litter Box Moved Slowly, Cats Still Go Near Old Room

    For one thing, if you have two cats, you should have THREE litter boxes, not one! You should place them in different areas around the house. Here is the explanation. Everything you need to know in a nutshell.
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    Cat Bath

    Since you are doing it so frequently, I think NOT using shampoo is best. It's kind of like him getting rained on frequently. But remember, to them dirt is like dusting powder and it actually helps their coat get rid of excess oil, so brushing him or combing him to get the dirt out would be...
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    Litter Robot Litter Issue!

    I do not have a litter robot but DO have enthusiastic diggers. Considering your requirements, the Dr, Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter is probably the best for you. It has less dust than other litters in general, I use the unscented which cats prefer, and it clumps hard so the...
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    Kitten Has Slightly Gooky Eyes.

    Yes, my town feed store carries the eye ointment but it's hidden behind the counter so it doesn't get stolen, so people have to know what they want and ask for it.
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    Bladder Stone Removal

    Her bladder will be sore and sensitive for quite awhile. As long as she keeps peeing regularly, and does not seem to be xstraining with nothing coming out, she should be fine. You should be feeding her only WET food in order to keep her maximally hydrated. Proper diet should prevent bladder...
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    Treating Fleas On 5 Months Old Kitten

    You can get a bomb that includes Precor or a siimilar substance (IGR, insect growth regulator) that prevents eggs from hatching and larvae from developing into adults and putr everything but the cat in the new place and then set off the bomb. That should break the life cycle of any flea that...
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    Somebody talk me out of Cheristin for Fleas

    Fleas become immune to what is being used in the area. While I still think Advantage II is the most effective of the very safe flea treatments, it was only working maybe 2 weeks here and then one would have to redose. I am currently trying Activyl (Merck), which our old spay truck used to...
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    My general advice is to stick to the tried and true wormers and flea medicines that have been around for years. If those stop working, then investigate new things, but DO YOUR RESEARCH, don't just jump on what the vet tells you We had a thread on here concerning another new flea product. The...
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    Any Ideas What Could Be Going On With This Cat...

    While unusual, fainting CAn be associated with severe heart disease (cardiomyopathy). If heart function is significantly impaired by cardiomyopathy, this will lead to heart failure (often called congestive heart failure), where there is compromise to blood flow through the heart and blood...
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    How To Secure The Balcony Without A Cat Net?

    How handy are you? This one could be done tastefully, add some plants and the thing could look like a garden spot. This one is in my Pinterest "Catification" folder.
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    Very Weird!

    Kittens can be conceived at different times in the breeding cycle. Did you know that? Sometimes heat can last as long as 5-7 days after first breeding (it is the act of breeding that makes the cat ovulate; unbred cats can stay in heat up to two weeks!) This is why a cat could have a litter of...
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    Pregnant Stray Decided She Lives Here Now.

    just checking in but don't see news of kittens yet. Hope you got some sleep.
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    Pregnant Stray Decided She Lives Here Now.

    She looks ready, and her nipples are showing, easy for babies to find. I have to share with you a photo of the most pregnant cat I've ever seen. I named her Moonpie (after the cookie/cakes) and she had five gorgeous babies less than 12 hours after this photo. She was older and had many...
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    Two Queens Co-parenting Question.

    I've had mothers co-parenting kittens before, and recently one litter was 2 days old and the other litter was 3 weeks old. They came to me from neighbors who had a house fire, and the mama cats came the next day after they returned to their burned house. :cold: I set them each up on one side...