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    Why Is My Cat Fascinated By Ice Tea Makers?

    Mizu is fascinated by anything that sounds like water. Dripping, steaming, percolating...all things water will get her attention. She respects the coffee maker and keeps a safe distance but she does watch it while it brews. She will climb a brita pitcher while it's dripping water too. Might...
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    Water Fountains Good Or Not?

    :hithere: I have a Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda fountain. I clean it twice a week (honestly, sometimes once). One of my cats uses it all the time but I had the advantage of knowing she liked fountains when I adopted her at 4 months old. My other cat has tried it one or twice to my knowledge and...
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    Overnight Guests Who Don't Like Cats: What To Do?

    I am grateful for mine everyday. I can't imagine what it would be like if our home didn't have a small walk in area before completely entering.
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    Cats Claws

    I adopted both my girls at 4 months old and while they were well socialized, they often "forgot" to keep their claws in. I used a firm "no" and I tell them "nice paws" which took a short while for them to grasp but they understand it well now. I also removed my attention from them for two...
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    She Won't Eat Wet Food

    The one I have was put out by Jackson Galaxy. It's this one, but it's out of stock on his website. I picked it up at my Pet Supplies Plus. Eclipse Stainless Steel Bowl Amazon has it though.
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    She Won't Eat Wet Food

    Looks pretty similar.
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    She Won't Eat Wet Food

    My Mizu likes to scoop her food (a sign of whisker sensitivity) so I picked up a bowl that is wide and open. She still won't put her face into it and is sitting next to it, scooping out her food as always and looking a little unsure of what I've put her food in. Laughs...cats :gaah:
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    Eye Boogers

    Mizu gets some crust from time to time. I use a pack of Well and Good Cat eye wipes to remove anything around her eyes.
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    Stella & Chewy...anyone?

    You can check the % of carbs in a food on catfooddb. Here's a link to Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free with Chicken Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe With Real Chicken Cat Food Review. I know there are a few different versions.
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    Stella & Chewy...anyone?

    I use it as part of my rotation for one cat (Mizu tried it once and tossed her kitty cookies right away) so Raja eats it a couple of times a week. My girls mainly eat Sheba twice a day (we have a few other brands in the rotation) and they still get a snack of dry Tiki chicken and fish luau. If...
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    Stella & Chewy...anyone?

    She's always seemed interested in it when it's dry and I'm the one telling her to wait till it moistens up a bit. Maybe she's trying to tell me something...:headscratch:
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    Stella & Chewy...anyone?

    Raja loves some Duck, Duck Goose, rehydrated with water. I've never tried giving it to her dry. I'll give it a go tomorrow and see what she thinks.
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    Free Feeding

    :hithere: Been there, done that. Mizu (the tabby in my avatar) began to only eat her dry food and ignored her wet food when she was about six months old. Both my girls were eating an am/pm portion of wet food and being free fed dry as kittens. The first thing I did was take an account of...
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    My Cat Got Angry

    Raja is the sweetest and most gentle cat I've ever known and even she has tried to nip me when something unexpected occurs. Once we were on the couch and I needed to shift my arm because it had fallen asleep so to move it, I had to place it under her. She didn't realize it was me and almost...
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    New Addition

    When it's right, it's right. Congratulations on the new baby! She's got a super gotcha story now, too. :redcat: