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    We just went through a sudden loss and had to make a fast choice about what we wanted to do. Despite the cost - it was near to $300 - we decided to have the hospital send him to be cremated. The business who cremated Yoda was rude, unprofessional, and didn't seem to care at all about their work...
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    Litter Box Issues

    So glad to hear you have had some success!! Has her poop always been so dark? I have had limited cat experience, so I hope other chime in too, but that picture makes her stool look almost black. Could you afford to have her stool tested for any GI issues?
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    How many times does your cat pee in one day?

    My research suggested that 1-2 times a day is normal for an average cat. However, if a kitty is on a special urinary diet (like Royal Canine SO) they will pee more frequently. Has he increased his number of pees? Size is just as important to note as frequency. We used to keep a notepad by the...
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    What’s my cats issue

    His body language - ears, whiskers, fur - all suggest play to me! Plus, his pupils look normal instead of big, which they can do when a cat is stressed or upset. What a gorgeous little kitten! :)
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    Litter Box Issues

    Our boy had litter box issues for a long time, but his turned out to be a neurological issue. He would pee in his box consistently, but only pooped every other day. When he did, it seemed to surprise him and he got upset afterwards. My understanding is that cats are generally expected to poop...
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    Food change drama with our cat.

    We had a similar problem with the scarfing and throwing up. It got better when we offered more feeding stations with less food and a food ball. When you switched, did you do it gradually? It's always recommended to mix your new into your old to slowly transition them over.
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    Sister cat hates brother after vet visit

    Our experience was similar to what you are describing and it was so sad! The non-vet cat was no nervous and unhappy, while the vet-cat had no idea what was doing on and kept trying to cuddle with his brother. This went on for about a week for us, despite the attempts to share smells. Keep an...
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    Foster Questions

    Both. He cannot set foot in a shelter without crying and wanting to take everyone home. It is such an admirable sentiment and I love him for his giving heart. <3 Unfortunately, we cannot afford even one pet, let alone hundreds. Which is why I am so excited about a program like PACT; we know...
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    Foster Questions

    I have discovered a wonderful program that I am now very excited about. PACT for Animals. PACT demo Fostering for a shelter isn't an option for us, as my husband simply cannot bear it. However this program allows us to contribute to animals in need of care, without the concerns of adopting...
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    Empty house - what to do after?

    Medicines: we were able to donate the unused medicine to our vet's office. They will be able to use them both in their office and for our actual vet, who takes in animals in need. We did decide to have Yoda privately cremated and returned to us - something I never thought I would do...
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    Drinking/peeing a lot more

    If she has been drinking/peeing more than was her normal, it is also important to consider how that would effect her numbers as well. The losing weight is rather concerning to me, as that was one of the big flags in our cat's health issues. Does she have any other symptoms: easily fatigued...
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    Empty house - what to do after?

    That is a fantastic suggestion. We plan to donate all the bags of litter, his special needs food and his unused medications, but I wasn't sure about the rest of it. I will look around and see who might be able to use some of what we no longer need. I appreciate every story posted; it has been...
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    Empty house - what to do after?

    We just lost our Yoda, who was our only remaining cat. While we are grieving, I have found myself thinking - what the heck am I going to do with all this stuff? Three cat trees, three scratching posts, an over-sized scratch pad, five litter boxes, bags and bags of litter (we were trying to find...
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    Buprenex--effects and for how long?

    We did; our cat is being treated with medication because they cannot find a cause for his various health issues and buprenorphine is one of the meds he is on long term. He was originally prescribed 0.3 (at 17lbs) and we noticed he paced constantly and seemed very restless. After some research...
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    Pumpkin for hairballs...?

    Odd as it sounds, our cats came running when I opened the Vaseline. Just a bit every once in a while has to keep everyone nicely hairball free.