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    One of the cutest kittens ever!

    This is not my kitten... but I saw this on youtube. SOO cute! Warning... cuteness overload!
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    chondromalacia patella

    So I've been diagnosed with this for over a year now. Well it's been getting worse so I went back to the doctor today. He talked about surgery! I thought that at most, I was going to have to get a cortisone shot! I have it bad in both knees. The doctor talked about making an incision and...
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    What is love....?

    That IS a tough question. I've thought I was in love when I was younger, however, I've only REALLY been in love once. I can only tell you that you will know the difference when you feel it. I can't really describe it, because you always feel the crush stage at the very beginning. Love is...
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    Girls only please! Girly question warning!

    Um, are you SURE you aren't pregnant? Sometimes the tests can show a false negative or it could just be too early to detect from an at home test. Maybe you should go to the OBGYN to double check? I'm worried too since you said you missed a pill. I hope you feel better soon!
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    Who knew?

    Ugh, so it never ends?! I've been with my boyfriend for 7 years now so men think they have a chance and think my boyfriend is dragging his feet. We are 100% committed to one another and we're just waiting until he gets out of grad school so we can be more stable. But men come flocking...and...
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    I just....cut hair!

    I'm cutting my hair off too! I let this one chick do my hair and I spent $200 correcting the color. It was a disaster! My poor hair was color treated 3 times in 2 about brittle hair! It felt like straw! I tried everything to save it. I spent lots of money on different professional...
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    I get dizzy at times too. Often it feels like when you stand up really fast, you know, kind of lightheaded. I have a problem with pressure in both of my ears.. I think allergies contributes to it. I notice if I watch something in 3D or something on a big screen like at the IMAX theater... it...
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    Antivirus Recommendations?

    I use COMODO Internet Security. It got really good reviews from CNET. I really like it so far.
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    Saw the funniest thing on the weekend

    LOL! I bet that guy wanted to go crawl in a ditch and die from embarrassment! The funniest thing I've seen was when I was driving home from work on the interstate. There was traffic and construction going on. They had the concrete barriers up and the car in front of me all the sudden...
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    Does the change of seasons affect you?

    I don't know about the seasons...but I can relate with the sleep situation. I always feel exhausted! I also have insomnia though... No matter how much I sleep I always feel like I haven't slept at all. I think one of my problems is that my sleep medication is drugging me the next day. I've...
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    Relationships=love, confusion, and funny stories.

    That is soooo true!!!!!