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    Resident cat says "Pass" when asked to meet new cat

    Baby gate and door open is the way to go! It sounds like no one is being aggressive and Charlie is just concerned. It's also possible that he's picking up on your stress or excitement when he's near Trinity, so that could be adding stress every time he sees her. You should also swap places for...
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    Won't sleep in cat bed

    As soon as I decided I was going to throw away a cat bed, my cat would immediately start using it. So there's an option. The one he never used, because I never threatened to throw it away, was the lovely Martha Stewart Cat Bed that is just too cute. Guapo enjoys sitting in everything but cat...
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    Cat eye gunk

    Depends on the cat. I would ask my vet to make sure it's not an infection, just to be sure. But some cats always get gunk. Mine had feline herpes to start with, and was so sick when he was found by Chicago Animal Care and Control that they think his sinuses were irreversibly damaged, so he...
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    Cat incessantly meows outside bedroom for hours every night. Only option left to give him away?

    Cats do seem more complicated these days, don't they? Of the last three I adopted, all three have had some serious emotional issues. One of my cats had a nervous breakdown and PTSD from a lamp falling over when he was playing with the other cat, and we put him on anxiety meds for a couple of...
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    Cat incessantly meows outside bedroom for hours every night. Only option left to give him away?

    Heck, I taped my alarm clock to the bedside table because my cat kept knocking it off. Sounds ridiculous, but it was a simple solution.
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    Crystals in Urine. Stress or diet change? Neither?

    It really is terrible! His old food was basically meat and peas. I wish I hadn't fed him all the other stuff so I would know whether or not that caused it. :( :( :( It seems like his old diet really wouldn't have. But obviously there's no way to prove it without feeding it and risking possible...
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    Crystals in Urine. Stress or diet change? Neither?

    Thank you! Both Guapo and I are really missing our friend. I'll ask my vet about trying other brands. It definitely seems worth trying, although she said she'd had the most success with Royal Canin. One thing I'm noticing is there's a lot of non-meat in the Royal Canin wet food. Cellulose...
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    Crystals in Urine. Stress or diet change? Neither?

    Hey everyone. My poor cat, Guapo, ended up hospitalized a couple of weeks ago due to a urinary blockage. It was likely a combination of diet and stress. I love and trust my vet, but was wondering if people who have had personal experience with this with had thoughts as well. So, Guapo lived...
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    Is it okay to let my cat outside once or twice a day?

    Can you take him out on a harness? It's a good bonding activity for person and cat, and a lot of cats really enjoy it. You can keep him safe while also enriching his world.
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    Unusually agressive

    Did you introduce the cats in a slow way, or did she just suddenly get thrown in with them? That sounds very scary. Make sure she's the only kitty in your room and keep it that way for awhile. You can try slow introductions with the others later, but it sounds like she's really stressed out. New...
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    Cat attacks

    Definitely sounds like your kitty knows you're going to bed and she won't be getting any attention for awhile. She knows it's her last chance to play with you until you wake up. Try tiring her out before you go to sleep, or giving her some special pets that are just for her. I remember on one...
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    Cat incessantly meows outside bedroom for hours every night. Only option left to give him away?

    Have you talked to the vet about this particular problem? He might be having separation anxiety from you. Perhaps some anxiety medication could help. If it's at the point where you're thinking of getting rid of him it might be the best idea. Mine has been on Reconcile in the past. Also, is it...
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    We lost our boy, Philip. Remembering the past 3 years. This was not fair.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to your family. Not only is it horrible losing a beloved kitty, but you and your cat experienced a lot of stress and trauma as well. Please try to forgive yourself. You did everything you could do. The world is so unfair. Blockages are hard to...
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    Underfeeding cat?

    Good points, Kieka and furballsmom. If they looked good and the vet thought so as well, then I must have been doing ok. I just get so worried that they could have always been hungry and I didn't realize it. But they were both always healthy weights. Honestly, in the month since Claws died at...
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    Underfeeding cat?

    In this case I've been feeding them the bare minimum. I feel like a monster!!