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Recent Content by r-kins

  1. r-kins

    Cat Having Trouble With Guests.

    Alright, bumping this old-ish thread. My boyfriend and I went away for four days. We had a cat sitter come each day, and she came ahead of time to meet Guapo. She's a vet tech and knows what she's doing. She came in, sat down, and he relaxed enough to sit down next to her. She said her plan...
  2. r-kins

    Cat Having Trouble With Guests.

    Thanks for that tip!
  3. r-kins

    Cat Having Trouble With Guests.

    My cat, Guapo, is possibly the sweetest cat I have ever met. When I went to meet him at the shelter, I had to sign a bite waiver because he'll get overstimulated and bite people. He bit me, but I ended up getting him anyway. After getting home, we had some minor overstimulation and biting...
  4. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Growling All Of The Time

    So, update that we've temporarily separated the cats for the time being. It went well until this morning, when Claws started growling at Guapo through the door. We split up the house using baby gates to see what happens, and Claws and Guapo are mostly sitting there, but sometimes Claws starts...
  5. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Lethargic But Healthy. Help!

    Could she have pulled a muscle or injured herself? Has anything changed in your environment? Is she sleeping in the same spot? I'd be nervous, too.
  6. r-kins

    Poppy Not Cuddling At Night :(

    Poppy is the cutest name for a cat! Other than that, it's probably just from not feeling well. Plus, sometimes cats go through phases. My cat slept with me every night for a year, then suddenly started sleeping on the couch. You never know what will trigger their change in mood, either. It...
  7. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Growling All Of The Time

    No worries! I appreciate someone trying to get to the root of the issue with me. Basically everything was fine, then they had one big tussle on a Saturday morning and they knocked over a heavy lamp, and then Claws' eye started acting up that afternoon. I took him to the vet Monday morning and...
  8. r-kins

    Cat Doesn't Like Climbing Or Cat Trees

    Ha ha, I would keep the box. Cats like what they like. Some cats just prefer to be on the ground. Maybe give a few more hidey holes, or get a decorative box or basket for her to sleep in instead of the ugly cardboard one? Having a cat is incorporating the things they enjoy into your home.
  9. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Growling All Of The Time

    If there was a scratch (the vet didn't see one), it could have been caused by Guapo. They play(ed) pretty rough. I trim their front claws, but not the back ones because it stresses both of them out very badly. If that did cause a scratch, it would be the first time since October (when we got...
  10. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Growling All Of The Time

    No one has brought up health yet. :) He has been to the vet since the behavior started. Within a couple of days of the behavior starting, he had an eye infection (very goopy) so I brought him to the vet and mentioned that he didn't want to play, and had he possibly scratched his eye playing? She...
  11. r-kins

    Cat's Tail Puffs Up In The Litter Box?

    Same here about the food puffy tail! It's just a thing they do sometimes. Mine also puffs up when he wants my boyfriend to pet him. I wonder if they're remembering a physical sensation (maybe the relief of peeing, the delight of tasting food, or the stimulation of petting) and their body...
  12. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Growling All Of The Time

    Thank you! I do think that Guapo is bored. We got him as a match for our high energy cat. He was having problems nipping and biting people in the shelter because he was so wound up. They had to put him in a room alone, which then made the problem worse because he was desperate for anyone to play...
  13. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Growling All Of The Time

    Ha ha, Maggie looks like a little devil!!
  14. r-kins

    Bringing A Senior Cat Home To Adult Cats

    You could also do a baby gate (I've stacked two on top of each other with great success. Then the cat can go hide if they want or have full visual contact with the ones that will undoubtedly be sitting right outside the room.
  15. r-kins

    Cat Suddenly Growling All Of The Time

    So, now we're having issues of Claws almost never wanting to play with Guapo, and Guapo attacking at random times because he isn't getting the energy out. We used to have a peaceful household at bedtime (they would do a 10 p.m. play session), and now I curl up in bed with Claws and Guapo flies...