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    left behind cats after owner dies

    Update. All three cats have homes. Separate homes but they have them and all are doing well.
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    left behind cats after owner dies

    Hi thanks for the replies.still trying to find a place for one. The mans vet of over 30 yrs said she would take 2 gets them home and throws them right in with hers and go figure... one sprayed.sorry for the sarcasm. So she wanted him picked up right away. Brother offered to have a board...
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    left behind cats after owner dies

    Hi. My brother's father in law died and he left behind 3cats. Nobody can take them in. Do you have any suggestions? Dont want them to go to the shelter. Would euth be better I am in D other Ca.
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    i was wondering u can help me..

    Hi, I am sorry your cat died. Sadly, yes the fumes from the paint can cause respiratory distress in cats. I don't know if that was it or not of course, but cats should not be in a house that is being painted until it is fully dry and all the fumes and smell is gone.
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    wondering about blood test results for cat that was weak/barfing allot

    If you can't find a feline specialist look for an internal medicine specialist. The initials would look like this; DVM DACVM.
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    My 12 year old chubby cat has suddenly lost her appetite and is sleeping constantly

    Clavamox makes allot of cats vomit
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    My 12 year old chubby cat has suddenly lost her appetite and is sleeping constantly

    Hi I am sure they don't want to give her steroids because she is already drinking allot of water and that will make it much worse. Also if you start steroids you are kind of stuck with them. You shouldn't stop and then restart because the second time you won't get as good a result. Another...
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    Coughing/gagging cat for +1week now

    Hi You aren't being dim. The radiograph is the same thing as the xray. It should be done with the cat awake and not asleep as the anesthesia and the oxygen will alter the results of the xray. Asthma can come on suddenly and for a number of reasons. I am not saying that is what it is though. I...
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    feline diabetic ketoacidosis

    She really needs to see a vet ASAP. This is very serious. I know you don't want to stress her out but it will stress her system out more to be feeling like she is. How is she doing now? What was the last blood glucose?
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    Coughing/gagging cat for +1week now

    I doubt this is bird related. To much time from the bird till the start of coughing. He could be asthmatic. Have they done a chest radiograph. That is where I would start. I would hold off on the vasoline.
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    I am feeling an overwhelming amount of guilt .....

    Really bad diseases happen to very nice cats for absolutely no reason at all. Us human beings cannot control everything in the universe. We cannot keep animals from dying. I sure wish we could. We can try to prolong the inevitable but ultimately they do die in the end and when they do die we...
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    feline diabetic ketoacidosis

    That doesn't sound good at all. If you don't want to take her to an emergency clinic or your vet right now at least get another blood glucose reading. Make sure to get it right away and don't stress her out at all. How is her water intake? What insulin is she on and what amount? Was she treated...
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    Talk With My vet

    Why can't you keep her on the prednisolone?
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    Cat's upper canines never emerged, should they be extracted if they exist and are impacted? The above link might be able to give you some information.
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    Cat's upper canines never emerged, should they be extracted if they exist and are impacted?

    Should see a veterinary dentist specialist. Get radiograph done and go from there. If there are really impacted canines which I doubt you dont ws nt anyone but a specialist doing it as the can cause a whole mess of problems if done wrong. Are your cats gums inflamed?. Does she or he have bad...