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    Action Shots ( Post Them Here! )

    Very cute...and active! Just a that collar a breakaway? I see the loop holding the bell and Lizzy climbing around those coat hanger hooks.
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    Before And After - Scruffy Stray to Pampered House Cat

    Dont we Good for you for taking her in.
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    Tom, A Friendly And Generous Cat

    Tom hasnt left you. Eight years latter he is still in your heart. Embrace him, close your eyes, stroke his fur and feel his purring. He is at your side.
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    Happy belated birthday...."little" Oliver.
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    Cats sharing litterbox.

    We have two boxes for two cats. They seem to use the boxes interchangeably. Going to one box wont save you much as the total amount of waste to be removed daily will stay the same. It will however decrease the chances of the cats having a clean box to use as twice the waste will be deposited...
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    Action Shots ( Post Them Here! )

    This is an " action" shot I was lucky to capture. Arnold had to find the one sandy dirty patch in his entire enclosure to roll in!! He seems so pleased with himself. It suprising how much sand a large long haired cat can trap in their fur.
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    Action Shots ( Post Them Here! )

    Greg and Arnold.......yet another wrestling match......perhaps licking your nose is a technique to frighten your attacker?
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    Police cat

    Well it's about time! How else are you going to catch "cat burgulars"? For me the take away from this video is is the Greg and Arnold can fully understand me and are intentionally ignoring me!!!! I did not know that. Ouch. Here is what MY Arnold thinks of the Police Academy!.
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    How to know if its grief or if he is lonely?

    You might try fostering a cat first, in case Pepsi doesnt take to another companion. My guess is that pepsi is lonely (at least at night) and thats why he has recently started scratching and the bedroom door. I know that both of our cats would be distraught if they couldnt sleep with us.
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    Cat fountain mineral build-up solution

    Im impressed by your chemical knowledge! Yes, the fountain always goes in the dishwasher after cleaning it with any product.
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    Cat fountain mineral build-up solution

    I use " CLR" to remove mineral deposits from the cats stainless steel water fountain. Then it goes in the dishwasher. Several years latter, it still looks new.
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    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    At the begining of this thread I posted a few pics of greg and arnold that were from 2017/2018 Here are a few more recent ones. Greg is now 21 lbs and arnold is still 22lbs. They are fed only high quality wet food and very little dry food. I think they have stopped growing...finally.
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    Southern California Sane Cat Lady

    Welcome and thanks for all your hard work and love. Onyx sounds absolutely amazing!!
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    Blue trying to pick a fight. (Dominance behavior)

    Im So glad you have him now. How did you and blue get together?