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    Hi! I'm am a new kitty Momma! Our new addition is a sweet girl we call Puma. She is almost 6 months old and we adopted her at 7 weeks old from a friend of a friend of a friend that couldn't keep them. I think she has some Maine coon or Norwegian forest or some other long haired breed mixed in...
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    New cats on the block

    Nice to meet you!
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    What Breed Do You Think He Is

    I think my Puma has some Maine coon too? Thoughts?
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    What kind of cat is my moms cat?

    Looks like you kitty could be my kitty's cousin! Lol
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    What Do I Look Like?

    She is a different look for sure!! with her super bushy tail with long tummy hair but medium length hair everywhere else. She even has the tufts of fur between her paws. she looks just like the pic of the model cat at the vets office advertising some medication! LOL
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    Comment by 'Pumasparent' in article 'The Maine Coon Cat'

    Could I have a Maine coon?
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    What Do I Look Like?

    Thanks so much for your reply! Very helpful!
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    What Do I Look Like?

    I adopted a female kitten at about 7weeks old from a friend that acquired them from a friend etc.... All I know about one of her parents supposedly that it was a super big ball of long fur. When I got her she was mostly blackish with Grey/white stripes. Now she is partially ticked color on her...