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    Lily flower smell hurt cat?

    I can only speculate, but I know that I don't need to ingest pollen to set off my allergies; perhaps just the airborne pollen was irritating her enough.
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    Vegetarian & Vegan Food and Lifestyle

    Yes, that's a direct breach of trust and a huge violation. I'd be so upset that someone would have such a lack of respect for me, and my wishes. And I'd bet someone willing to lie and laugh at someone in distress would be unable to confront that it's their behaviour which is at fault, and...
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    Is It That Time?

    Please keep us updated!
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    Mimi was in the shelter a really long time

    She's been frightened and unloved for so long, she doesn't know just quite how good she has it yet- but she will learn how good affection truly is! And you're doing the best job, letting her come around in her own time. Soon enough, I'm sure she'll open up more and more. Just coming out when...
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    I would contact admin/moderators myself!
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    Is It That Time?

    I'm not sure where you're based; but I know people here have some great resources about how you can get some vet help when you just don't have the funds. I think the problem is, there's so many possibilities, it's hard to know what it could be without some medical assessment. I think some of...
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    Cat Food Ingredients- Pick your poison

    I love Ziwi, I post about it any chance I get Smells like good quality food, and the large cans feed my boy 4 times. He loves it, with preference for the Hauraki/Otago blend ones versus singular ones. Their customer service was responsive when I messaged them asking about how they test their...
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    Sweet Stories

    Mine's never drank from the toilet, but he loves the flushing noise, and often stands on his back toes to watch He does try to turn on the tap, and likes to lick the water underneath it (after he's attacked it to make sure it's 'dead' :lol2:)
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    Is my kitten DSH or DMH?

    OMG so sweet! That sleeping pic :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Nothing to add here, he looks fluffy to me, so I wouldn't have guessed DSH Please post more pics as he grows!
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    Food similar to Tiki cat velvet mousse?

    No suggestions here for similar textures; are you able to order online?
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    Found a kitten by the road

    I would also be keeping them separate with weepy eyes like that. It's hard, when you feel bad about locking them away; but the bathroom is much, much better than the streets, and it is only temporary! Short term pain, long term gain- healthy cats all around, instead of potentially sick cats.
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    Help: cat stool not hardening

    If it leaves little marks in the litter, then I suppose you could classify it as a 3; it might have photographed shinier (making it look wetter) than it actually is. It looks more like a 4-5 to me, but that's based on the part that has no form, on the left side. Grain of salt, as I'm not there...
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    Sweet Stories

    That backwards shuffle a the beginning is so precious :loveeyes: What an attentive "helper" you had there!
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    Any recommendations for a kitten food that stops diarrhea

    Also, just in case, you aren't feeding any dairy products (milk, cheese etc), or human treats to the kitten are you?
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    Any recommendations for a kitten food that stops diarrhea

    I don't know if food will sort this out, honestly, as even plain chicken still had problems. If you're very confident it isn't parasites anymore, I suppose you might have allergies, but it's not something I've dealt with before. I do know form my reading here, that chicken/turkey allergies...