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    Featured please help - cat breathing issues and no vets can find out why

    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy I don’t know if your vet tested for cardiac problems, but I would suggest it to him.
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    House Plants On the Move

    Here is a photo of the bougainvillea. The edges of the leaves discolored some because it got to cold for it outside. It is in a 16-18 inch pot. It started out in a 21/2” pot many years ago. It is the only surviving plant from a visit to Logees Greenhouses in Connecticut. A Boston fern will...
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    New cats from Massachusetts

    Welcome from another resident of Massachusetts. This is a great group and I think you will enjoy it.
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    Poor baby

    A breeder friend(Norwegian Forest cats) of mine just lost her father. He had a Persian cat. The cat is used to a quiet, not active home. My friend is trying to find a home like that for the cat. I wish I could help. I feel so bad for the cat, she looked so sad in the photos my friend sent. She...
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    House Plants On the Move

    These are only part ( the bigger plants) that I had to drag back inside yesterday. We are supposed to have frost tonight, but the temperatures dropped into the mid 40s last night. Much to cold for these tropicals. Now I have to get busy and move them to their winter homes under grow lights. I...
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    Question about an ethical breeder

    Cfa is a registry of cats. I don’t think legally they could do anything. Just because a cattery is registered with the cfa ( or TICA) it does NOT mean that the owner is a good, honest breeder. Yes, there is a code of ethics you are supposed to follow, but they don’t have the legal means, money...
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    Does Anyone Use Something Like A Placemat To Help Cleanup After Messy Eaters?

    I am cheap. I use an old bath towel and after shaking it out, I throw it in the washer. All of my cats think they have to take the food off the plate and put it in the floor before eating.
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    Advice Please-Starting My Homework On Norwegian Forest Cats

    I told her you aren’t ready for a cat yet.
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    Advice Please-Starting My Homework On Norwegian Forest Cats

    I have reached out to my friend who breeds them for information for you. She is on the breed council and works with breeders world wide. She asked me what area of the country you are in.
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    Clumps of fur matting up in my 6 year old cat

    Even though it sounds drastic, allow the vet to shave her. Her coat appears to be felted to the skin. As far as I know the least painful way to deal with it is shaving. It will grow back. From what I can see ( and that isn’t much) of her skin, it doesn’t look infected, but if not taken care of...
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    HCM and Hip Screening in MC

    I have no experience with your breed (I bred Persians when I was breeding) but I reached out to a more knowledgeable friend and breeder about your question. She said that IF your genetic testing showed your cats are clear there is no reason you can’t breed as the mentor said. I would imagine the...
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    2022 Feline Birthday / Gotcha Day Thread

    He is in his summer coat and not show groomed so not as floofy as he has been.
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    2022 Feline Birthday / Gotcha Day Thread

    Yesterday was Sterlings 5th birthday. This first photo was taken a few days ago. He is not really very good about sharing my pillow! He needs a bath too- his name should be Pigpen. The next was taken last year- it popped up on my Facebook page again so thought I would share it. Happy birthday to...
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    He is finished!

    My son, Nate finished the hike of the PCT yesterday. The last 30 miles were closed due to fire, but he says he is happy to be done. Now he is going up into Canada to do some climbing with his new girlfriend. After that I believe he is coming back here to dispose of his apartment and furniture to...
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    Friskies canned food

    It has been around 6-8 years ago that 2 of my girls were Sick enough I was having to syringe feed for a week. I was feeding Friskies ( I think it is like crack to cats. You can’t get them off if it!). Vet told me he thought it was food related. I called the 800 number on the can and talked to...