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    Back in the hospital

    I am not sure, but I doubt it. I plan on calling in the morning to find out since he is getting there late in the day today.
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    Back in the hospital

    Apparently I was given incorrect information. Even though he still tests positive, today I was told he is no longer infectious and will be transferred to the new rehab this afternoon. Yippee!!! I know we could do a zoom call or even FaceTime but neither of us a tech savvy enough to set it up...
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    The 2022 Gardening Thread

    My artichokes, lupine and verbascum are all up. I planted some herbs today- I don’t need them but I did need to get my hands dirty. I have a nectarine tree on order. I just need to order my seed potatoes. I am going stir crazy. Bad weather (bitter cold with wind, snow and ice lately) keep me...
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    Back in the hospital

    The last time they tested him, he was still positive although he says he feels okay. He can’t go to the rehab for physical therapy until he is negative from what I have been told. I was also told because of the anti rejection drugs he is taking it could take longer to clear. I haven’t been able...
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    I have had them delivered, but have been going to the store lately. I also hate having someone else pick things out for me, plus there always seems to be a mistake. Like the time I ordered a certain number of apples ( I think it was 5-6) and ended up with 25 pounds of apples! I got a bag of...
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    Chinchilla breed

    Chinchilla is simply a color. It can be found in many breeds of cats, not just Persians. However this cute little kitten appears to be a red tabby short hair. You can have Persians who don’t have the show type profile which some call ‘doll face’ ( I HATE that name!). They are simply non show...
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    Back in the hospital

    They have him on remdesivir ( spelling is probably wrong on that). I talked to the doctor today, finally. I was kind of curt with him- asked him how this happened. No good answer. He was talking about how crowded the hospital is and I asked him if that made it okay to endanger patients by...
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    Back in the hospital

    My husband tested positive for Covid today. I am livid that the hospital caused this to happen!
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    Back in the hospital

    After testing they found out there is no rejection, but he had blocked bile ducts. With treatment and medication tweaks his numbers are improving. The original plan was to send him to the new rehab at the end of this week. It isn’t going to happen now though. He was in a 2 person room and...
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    I am really struggling with Sunny’s death. Night time is the most difficult because he always sat at the top of the stairs talking to me as I went up. He would also sit on the edge of the shower talking to me, like he couldn’t believe I voluntarily got wet. I hate going to bed so I am up until...
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    Back in the hospital

    The rehab sent my husband back to the hospital last night. His liver values are off and they are concerned about rejection. I just want him healthy and home! He has been hospitalized almost 6 months now. He was feeling so well when I visited him yesterday he was planning for the future.
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    Announcement The TCS 2021 Award Winners

    I am so happy that this site is so friendly and welcoming! Everyone is encouraging and helpful so it is really nice that we recognize the people who make this such a special place. Congratulations again!
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    The 2022 Gardening Thread

    I will be starting artichokes the middle of the month. I wrote out my calendar for starting seeds today. I am hoping to add more fruit this year- another apple tree, pears, cherries and a peach.
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    How are you spending New Years Day?

    Same as every other day. Housework, laundry, pet care and visiting hubby in the rehab hospital. He is being transferred to a new rehab next week for more intensive physical therapy.