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    To adopt or not to adopt....that is the question

    A couple of other considerations: Are you likely to feel overextended, space-wise and energy-wise? How will you feel if a stray shows up that isn't very adoptable but for whatever reason needs an indoor home right away? Could you explain your concerns about Christmas adoptions to whomever runs...
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    Cats not using winter shelters? Try tarps!

    Wow... you all are so creative with your cat shelters! I'm really impressed. Thanks for posting the photos!
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    Cats not using winter shelters? Try tarps!

    Thanks @moxiewild ... I'd love to see photos. Do you prop up an edge or do the cats know to work their way under an edge that's on the ground? Also wondering what keeps the tarp from blowing away when you don't tuck the edges into something.
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    meet Maverick

    Howdy, Maverick! (He looks content)
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    Helping mom feed her newborns

    I've had to bottle feed several neonates; a few have latched on to the bottle well but most didn't. I never figured out why. Just be careful not to squirt milk directly down their throats since that could cause them to aspirate. Are you using the flat nipples with the very tiny part that goes in...
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    Kittens in the engine

    Some shelters and rescue groups provide food and supplies to their foster families. You might ask if they can help you with those things. (Though they may not be able to if their finances are stretched, too.) Are the kittens eating on their own? With the mother being so protective, you probably...
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    Feral bored living inside!!

    If you have room for one, maybe a cat tree/condo in front of a window would appeal to her. Or some high place that she can get to herself. You could put a box out once in a while, or a paper bag. Change things out when she loses interest in them. Look for Jackson Galaxy's video about catifying...
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    Feral Not Eating

    Did he eat at all while he was in the crate? Cats that go more than 3 days in a row without eating are in danger of developing hepatic lipidosis. It's a serious liver disease. I'd contact the vet who saw him and see what they suggest.
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    Newly adopted 2 year old

    Elliot is just being himself. Every cat has its own tolerance level for change. (It took me forever to learn that.) @tabbytom made some excellent suggestions that may help and certainly won't hurt. Sounds like you all and he are doing fine. He's a lucky boy to have such a loving home!
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    Ideas for aggressive stray

    Well, it's certainly not fair to your other cats to let this guy bully and terrorize them. And awfully good of you not to have given up on him, after being bitten! In fact, I'm guessing you've gotten attached to him. I'd probably let him be an outdoor cat most of the time, maybe bring him into...
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    When to release a spayed feral

    Hi Binxie... I don't have much experience with ferals either. I'm sorry you didn't get any help here. You've probably let the kitty out by now. Hope she's doing okay.
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    5 wk old starved kitten

    Hopefully the jerkiness will be temporary, but if not could it be a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia? There's a good description of it here: ch-Cerebellar Hypoplasia - Friends of Felines Rescue Center. (I don't know if the wobbliness is something that would come and go.) What a lucky kitten to...
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    Taming Brax

    Thank you for posting Drexl and Brax's story. I found myself smiling as I read it. It gives me hope that it may be possible to socialize a not-friendly outdoor cat that I've been feeding for several years.
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    Broken front leg

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    First Time Feral Mom Needs Advice

    How big is the playpen... small enough to put in the car (with help)? Does it compress at all? Really, four days is nothing. Not to discourage you, but it took a full month for my current foster cat to come out from hiding, and she wasn't feral. And another month before she began to be...