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    On the sheep scale...

    I usually feel like a 3 or 5 on Fridays...fatigued from a week's work and busyness
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    Question of the day - Thursday 24 March

    Put on socks first, then shoes.
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    All Things Books and Reading Thread - 2022

    I finished reading Dune last night. The physical book contains three books and I read them in between other books. I really enjoyed the movie that came out last year, but the book was just alright for me. Now moving on to my next book, An Unquiet Mind, picked by my book club.
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    All Things Books and Reading Thread - 2022

    My last entry in this thread was about reading Book 2 of Dune. That was done by the end of January. Then I started reading and just finished The Break by Katherena Vermette. This book was chosen by my book club, who wanted to read a Canadian author writing about Indigenous characters.
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    Question of the day - Thursday 17 February

    Brown. It's like the suede side of leather (?). It's sooo comfy but sometimes I get an urge to switch to a light-colored sofa.
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    Thoughts on adding a new cat to my household?

    Thank you for thinking about the welfare of your lovely senior! Sorry to hear about the passing of his buddies. Do you agree with your friend that Henry is lonely? She may or may not be, and you probably knows it best. As for adding another cat, here's my experience: My senior Ruckus was...
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    Yes, I must eat lunch or I'll be too hungry to do anything. During workdays I usually heat up some leftovers, whatever's in the fridge.
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    Diary of Pixie the New Cat

    Dear Diary, I'm taking a break from my shenanigans to write to you. By Day 2 evening I squeezed through the tiny door crack to explore the rest of the room. Bet Mom didn't know that I'm made of liquid! And there were so many new places to check out, new smells to look into, I got me busy for a...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, February 7, 2022

    I write out everything, but not always before doing them. Sometimes I write down my to-do list after completing them just so that I could put a big fat check mark next to each of them :)
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    Diary of Pixie the New Cat

    Dear Diary, Yesterday my new adoptive mom picked me up and brought me to my new home. On our way home I was quite nervous, but she kept talking to me softly, telling me about my new big sister Sushi, and assuring me that I would be loved. I spent the first day in her bedroom. At first I hid...
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    All Things Books and Reading Thread - 2022

    I finished reading An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor a couple of weeks ago, and got back to Dune. I finished Book 1 over Christmas and now almost done with Book 2. After that I'll take another break and read a different book before tackling Book 3 in this copy.
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    Should I Bring in 1 or 2 New Cats?

    Thanks for your food for thought, @vince and @mservant . As much as I want to help the bonded disabled pair, after careful consideration I'll stick to getting just one more cat. It's more manageable and realistic.
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    Should I Bring in 1 or 2 New Cats?

    Hi everyone, After my 16yo senior cat passed away last year, my now 5yo cat (Sushi) became the only one in the house. I want to adopt again to give Sushi a companion, one similar in age in the hopes that they'll bond better (similar life stage and energy level and all that). Back when my senior...