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    Kidney Failure - holisitic options?

    My 11 year old cat is in the very early stages of kidney failure. His BUN is 34 and his CREA is 2.8. My cat has food allergies so he eats a raw diet - quail, pheasant, guinea hen and some canned salmon mixed in. I always add water to his food and he really doesn't actually drink hardly any...
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    Pectus Excavatum

    The clinic I work at works with a rescue and I believe we worked on a kitten with this problem. We got some weird plastic type material that I believe when put in warm water could be molded. The vet basically made a chest plate and sutured it into the kitten's chest. I think after a couple of...
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    Something is wrong with my cat.

    Some of them I have tried in the raw, the Beaver, Elk, Venison, and Turkey have all been both raw, cooked, and canned. I have a lot of hunters and farmers in my family the elk and venison were wild, the turkey was home grown. The chicken I've tried has been 'Rad Cat' mostly along with home...
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    Something is wrong with my cat.

    Unfortunately he cannot eat other proteins because he will scratch his ears and face off. I have recently given him things like rabbit and duck again to see if he was still allergic, and he still is. He cannot have chicken, raw or cooked - we've tried it. I've honestly tried it all, lamb, pork...
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    Something is wrong with my cat.

    It's been a while since I've been here but I need to pick your brains and see what you all think. I work in a veterinary clinic. My cat Napolean will be 7yrs old this year. He has severe food allergies and eats canned food only due to crystals in his urine. The canned food diet has entirely...
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    This is why fish is a problem...

    My cat can only eat foods with fish as the only protein source and he's fine and healthy [other than his food allergies].
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    I'm wondering about replies here towards dry food

    Question for those who keep referencing the cat's digestive system. Cats have been domesticated for what... 9,000 years+? For the truly 'domestic' cat who is a mutt, that has been coming from generations and generations of kibble eating cats, are their digestive systems really set up the way...
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    LOTS of pictures of Athena-my dobie

    Just saying Dobermans can be shown with natural ears in the US too. The ears do not determine the quality of the dog. Are you only showing obedience? Have you considered doing any conformation or protection sports? I really wanted a working GSD to do Schutzhund with but I've been seeing more...
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    Need help: Feeding situation

    My friend has two cats, one on a renal diet and the other on wellness. She feeds them twice a day, they each get like a 1/4 of a cup am/pm. Both cats have done really well with the schedule and immediately eat their food, so that might be something to try.
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    How did you know it was time?

    Re-read what you wrote. Your 9lb cat weighs roughly 5lbs. Just about half of what she should weigh. Do you see that as being okay? I'm struggling with this myself. My dog just got diagnosed with kidney failure. She had lost 2lbs, which was a lot for her but has been faithfully eating k/d. We...
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    Cat with Food Allergies

    Yeah I think you have to be careful making it too acidic. I was going to put him on DL-Methionine but the stuff I was given was chewable at the time. Thanks for bringing that up actually, I might look into that as well because I know that that is proven to work for sure.
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    Cat with Food Allergies

    It's great to have someone to commiserate with! For the longest time I felt like I had the only cat out there that was allergic to a lot of things. You are correct about the vitamin c. I'm giving him 1 tab 1000mg vitamin c once a day, I asked my vet and he said you really can't give too much...
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    Cat with Food Allergies

    That's the problem I'm having. My guy can only eat fish proteins and he has struvite crystals really bad He was almost blocked last week, this is the 2nd time it has happened in 2 years and his urine was FULL of sand [the crystals]. I'm putting him back on vitamin C and feeding him canned to...
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    Cat with Food Allergies

    Yeah... it's hard finding pet vitamins that aren't beef flavored or have some kind of liver as a base. We all need to get together and write a book about cat and dog food allergies :p What to try, what not to try hahaha.
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    Cat with Food Allergies

    The blood work is definitely not accurate for food allergies. I spent the money and did a panel on my cat and his numbers weren't even significant [25 out of 5000] yet he's very allergic to the things on the list just by feeding it to him. As far as I know with inter-dermal skin testing they can...