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    Anyone Here Free Feed Wet Food?

    I leave wet out after “meal time” so I guess I free feed it. I usually travel often and one of my cats would be nervous eating while the sitter is there so I just got into the habit all the time. It’s never been a problem.
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    Is Eye Removal Surgery Necessary?

    I also have one with both eyes removed and one with one eye removed. Their surgery was prior to my adopting them but here’s a picture of them recently.
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    Going from three servings to two while on vacation

    I feed three wet meals a day but also have a pet sitter only twice a day when I travel. I have the sitter feed larger portions each time to compensate but I don’t have one that monopolizes the wet food.
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    Vacation- which option is best

    My cats (at the moment I have multiple but have also traveled when I only had one) do better at home. My sitter comes twice a day and I do usually feed them three times a day when I’m home. I just have the sitter increase the quantity of the feeding when they are only fed twice a day.
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    Older male kitten too rough with new kitten?

    That’s a really big size difference between nine months and nine weeks. Maybe you could try a heavy duty play session with him before you have them together to lessen his intensity. I wouldn’t go right from the play session to the together time in case he’s still wired, but maybe a half hour later.
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    How long is too long to leave a cat on its own?

    I have left mine for three weeks but I have multiple cats so they are not completely alone. I have a sitter come twice a day. She stays about 45 minutes each time. She turns on the radio for her morning visit so there are voices, music during the day. Usually my out of town trips are limited to...
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    Cat & Car Rides

    I hear your concerns about leaving her home overnight but I would have concerns that the cat might get out of the trailer at a camping site.
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    What does it mean when a cat swipes at you?

    How long have you had Oreo? 10 weeks is still very young. For the short term I would try only associating hands with good things. To get her to move out of your way or off somewhere dangerous use a toy. Carry some in your pocket, have a small container at the top and bottom of the stairs, and...
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    Cat behaviour around baby

    My dad had a cat that would not tolerate anyone crawling on the floor - this included adults who might be playing with a child. He would come after us, back arched, hissing and swiping. Hassy was fine with toddlers who were walking. Hassy didn’t live with children, so he might have gotten less...
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    Help once confident cat feel happy again

    How long has the second cat been gone? It’s likely your boy still expects to encounter the other cat somewhere in your home and is cautious. The smells of the other cat are still in your home. It might help if you take a towel and rub it on your cat and then rub the towel on surfaces around your...
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    Caring for a dying cat?

    I don’t know where you live, but is an at home euthanasia vet practice. They have changed some of their procedures but I just checked and they are still coming to homes. I have used them in the past and found them to be a great option to avoid taking a pet out of the home for end...
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    Cat suddenly not giving attention

    Is he eating, drinking, using the litter box? When my cat stays away from people for a day or so she is usually feeling ill. A vet visit is a good idea.
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    Blind Young Cat.... Looking for Advice

    Thank you for caring for this baby! You might want to make her space smaller until she gets used to where things are. Also, getting down from a bed can be a huge thing at first for a blind cat. I kept Helen in one room for almost a month and gradually increased her access a room at a time over...
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    Cat insurance questions

    Any insurance company will ask for all vet records. That will include the X-rays already taken. This will most likely be considered a preexisting condition at this point and would probably not be covered.
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    High-wind snowfall terrified my adopted blind cat. Any calming strategies?

    Being blind your baby is more attuned to changes in sound. I agree with leaving a radio or something on to be background noise. Blind cats will figure out what noises are not dangerous after being exposed to them a few times. Mine doesn’t care about the garbage disposal anymore even though my...