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    water fountain works good keeps water cold and oxegenated, moko likes it,
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    bald spot where chip was injected...

    thanks steve yes i had another vet see it he wasnt concerned..funny storry that my dads new wife wal yellign atthe cat when i stayed there for a year and she stoppped eating, got a full exam and given some cat antidepressanst or something...foolish situation anyway that vet was cool...
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    bald spot where chip was injected...

    my cat has an ugly quarter sized bald spot, can she ever grow hair there again? can i report the vet for this?
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    Adopted cat today; small hairless spot from being microchipped???

    Hi there, i see this is a rathe rold post but if anyone sees this thats good, my cat has a bald spot liek the size of a quarter where they injected the chip, this is very upsetting tome, i know who did the procedure and i wasnt told about the problem til li noticed it! i want to report this...