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    Comment by 'PepperPepper' in article 'Quiz: Let Us Guess Your Favorite Cat Coat Color'

    Tortoiseshell or tabby :cutecat::kneading:
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    What Breed Is My Cat?

    I have been debating on whether or not my cat is a tortoiseshell, or a tabby. Her name is Pepper, and she's a female.
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    Review by '' on item 'Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats'

    My cat, Pepper loves this product so much, that she has started to not eat her other treats, scoop her healthy treats out of her bowl. This is so addictive to my cat it's insane. The ingredients are seem very unhealthy, I'll paste them right here (only one of the flavors though, for less reading...
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    Review by '' on item 'Petmate Litter Catcher Mat'

    This is a decent product, like I said in the pros, it catches some of the litter, but not all of it, and even if it is caught, my cat flicks it out, but it's not that bad. It's nice as a decoration, and my cat, Whiskers, is not bothered by it.