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    Rescuers remorse

    Great advice above. You basically have 2 kittens. You are having the normal reaction of a resident cat to a new cat. This is what cats do. I will echo the above that 2 young kittens will be fine after a period of time. My experience in bringing a kitten home is that it took Waffles a while to...
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    Newly adopted senior cat - advice/reassurance required!

    One thing I did with mine was lay on the floor in the room rather than sit. When you are flat out completely at their level you are less intimidating. I did that every day, and didn't make any eye contact with him. Also I could tell Waffles was enjoying watching a toy even if he didn't play. So...
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    What’s your cat’s story ?

    My four: Waffles was at a shelter near me. I had had dogs for a while (Pearl, Mocha, Snickers) and was yearning for a cat. It was August and there were no kittens- which in retrospect was the best thing because I went home with Waffles. He was 2 years old, brought in as a stray, and had either...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I like the mask! I don't see many here without but when I do...I think "you nut don't you care about people!!" I was at the hardware store and one of the employees had his bandana down on his chin. I steered clear of him in an obvious way and hope he got the hint. I'm too scared to confront...
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    Introducing Cats - Logistics Questions.

    Well, what I did with Waffles (he might have lived in the box spring had I not done this) is get a fabric staple gun and heavy staples and a flat sheet (it may have been a full size worked, for sure a queen size would) and I did have to slide the mattress off and turn over the box spring, using...
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    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    Yeah this is my limit!! And oh I am soooo Gracie's person. The rest of the world does not matter one bit. It's heartwarming but I have to make sure I spend time in Moofle's favorite hangouts to give them what they need. I think till Gracie goes over the bridge I will be alternating sleeping in...
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    July 2020 book of the month club

    I will get it soon, it is available at my library. I haven't done a book club here so looking forward to it!
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    Sweet cat with redirected aggression, please help: euthanasia may be the only option.

    I'm glad to hear this. She sounds so much more at peace.
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    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    It sounds like you are describing my mom, my grandma (my mother's mother), and my aunt (my mother's sister.) Growing up we vacationed visiting them A LOT- every summer almost- my aunt and grandmother lived in the same town. And together they argued and disagreed and squabbled the whole time. I...
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    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    Maybe Finn has a bit of Siamese and gets vocal (like my Gracie does...) The spray in the air sounds like a good idea! Directly squirting them they can tell it's us humans, but in the air it's from the great above! Which Finn would have experienced, rain and sprinkles. I guess this is their life...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    That was on the news here yesterday!
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    Introduced kitten to resident cat’s going poorly

    Agree with @Furballsmom! Sarabi is reinforcing your "ow" and it's good teaching for Gus. I think it's normal. When two of mine, Mooshoo and Waffles (who are buddies) get screechy with each other, Gracie will run to them to referee.
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    Question of the Day, Friday, June 26

    So easy. Home grown tomatoes.
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    Introduced kitten to resident cat’s going poorly

    Sweet picture! Sarabi has her back to Gus which shows trust, and Gus is all stretched out showing belly so he feels pretty comfortable. The second video previously has Gus not running away and hiding, just backing off, so he gets the message! Wow only 2 weeks! That is fast! Keep sending updates...
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    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    Waffles is a boy, my only boy right now. I didn't purposely choose females, they chose me! Pulled at heart strings. :purr:. Gracie is 12 years old, she has a grade 3 heart murmur, no other health problem so far (had a good checkup and labs when I brought her home.) She's starting to not sleep...