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    kidney problems in Zoe

    Thank you for your  input alpha cat.  Yes. you're right, it could be diabetes. She hasn't lost any weight and is a bit on the chunky side so I guess over weight people can get diabetes who are over weight why not cats?  I know I'm putting the cart before the horse and she just needs to see the vet.
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    kidney problems in Zoe

    I have an 16 year old cat named Zoe.  For the past few weeks she has been vomiting and drinking tone of water.  I can barley scoop all the urine out of the litter box every day because so stuck  and clumped together at the corner where she pees.  I know this is some sort of kidney issue and I...
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    What weird foods do your cats love?

    Peaches loves pizza!  I know that cats are lactose intolerant but once a week we get pizza, but it's all about the cheese!  Those little teeth and strong jaw give me a run for my money!  I call her "my little Italian cat"
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    Comment by 'peaches123' in article 'Special Needs Cats: Aya'

    I had a similar experience with my cat Beasley, 15 years gone but still in my heart.  He peed on the corner of a rug in our family room.  It was later found by my vet,(who made house calls before she got her office was set up) that he had both kidney and heart issues,  But however she prescribed...
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    Does Your Cat Have A Nickname?

    Peach Pie, Sneezl weasel when she sneezes, poopy butt, baby cat and follow cat.  Zoe is Zoe Bear because  when she was younger she would stand up on her hind legs and beg for treats and looked like a bear  which lead to are you any relation to Gustave Floubare (I read Madame Bovary in college...
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    Comment by 'peaches123' in article 'How To Choose The Right Food For Your Cat'

    OK, I'm going crazy... As some of you know my 16 year old cat Peaches is on Hills canned prescription J/D formula because the vet said her teeth are good and thyroid and kidney functions were normal.  I don't have much money as Mommy is on disability herself, so the vet diagnosed her with...
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    Comment by 'peaches123' in article 'How To Minimize Litterbox Odor'

    out of curiosity, I switched to clumping litter when it came out and I've pretty much used Tidy Cat.  But my Darling Daisy Mae used to lie down on one of them,(I had 3 litter boxes for her, and Beasley whom are both departed RIP).  She's the only cat I've ever had do this and otherwise she...
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    Natural or home alternative for kitty having breathing problems?

    Yes, get to the vet ASAP.  MY Beasley gone 15 years now had kidney and a heart mummer.  He made to be 9 years old but the night he died it was from congestive heart failure (wheezing, etc.). I will be thinking of you. 
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    Do you talk to your cats?

    Yes, I speak to my cats and here's Zoe's song: Zoe's the one, the one for fun She such a clown, she get's around Zoe's the one, the one for fun!
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    cat was sick, then better, now sick?

    No problem, I just wanted to let you know I dealt with the same thing.  BTW, even though Peaches is getting better she too gags up white/foamy saliva, about a teaspoon also.  It seems like your kitty is on the mend too!  I'm so happy for you and your older cat are feeling better also.  When I...
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    cat was sick, then better, now sick?

    Hi Andred.  I went through the same thing when I adopted Peaches and Zoe.  Peaches was on deaths door after her spaying at the MSPCA.  She had a repertory infection, would not eat or drink for almost 2 weeks.  After multiple trips to the vet who specialized in cats, forced feedings, IV fluids...
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    switched over to prescription wet food

    Well, I hope I finally got it!  Peaches is eating the Hill's prescription wet food and she's acting like her old self again.  She's much more alert, sleeping less and wants to play.  On the other hand Zoe is throwing up, (all over my nieces comforter last night). but I hope it was a fur ball...
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    Cat kidney issues, vomiting

    I had a cat with kidney issues also.  From what I understand, raw meat is a no/no for cats  and dogs.  I had a cat, Beasley who had both kidney issues and a heart mummer, he started to vomit almost every day and toward the last 2 years I had to  perform at home dialysis with an IV bag hanging...
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    Comment by 'peaches123' in article 'Nutritional Supplements: Does Your Cat Really Need Them?'

    I've had Peaches on the Hills prescription science diet wet food for about a week now and last night she wanted to play!  She is eating 3 meals a day (equal to one big can) and it's made such a difference!  She still sleeps a lot, but she's 16.  However, she's up and about, walking around as I...
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    Comment by 'peaches123' in article 'Your Cat Throwing Up?'

    peaches is eating her prescription food a bit more each day, but this morning she has dry heaves. Any ideas as to why?  thnx!