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    Diarrhea With Wet Food

    Hi! No, he is still eating only good quality kibbles. Merlin is now almost 2 year old,but nothing changed. He gets terrible diarrhea after a couple of days!
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    Cat Peeing On Soft Surfaces: A Solution

    I wanted to update on Merlin situation, since I think I have found a solution, and maybe it could be helpful for some of us. Short recap: Some months ago, my cat started to pee outside the litterbox, mainly on the couch, but also on clothes and carpets. He still used the box for pooping. He...
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    Fip - Someone Calm Me Down Please

    Hello! Like others said, if your cat is 1 year old or even older, he should be fine. And it's true: around 5% of cats with FcOV develop FIP, but the percentage is high in catteries and crowded spaces, and it's a lot lower in single cat households (or less than 5 cats). Also, experts say that if...
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    Mri Vs Ct Scan

    I don't know about MRI/CT scan imaging differences concerning the brain of a cat, in humans they are both valid to diagnose most of cerebral diseases. MRI is a bit more accurate, though. It's often a second line exam. But I do believe that anesthesia would be necessary for a CT scan as well...
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    Yuki Is Spiking A Fever... We Dont Know Why.

    I have experience with FIP too, sadly. My grandfathers cat died of FIP, a classic wet form which was quite easy to diagnose. Years later, my persian cat was diagnosed with FIP. He was around ten years old and he was recently exposed to other cats. He had high fever, letargy, he stopped to eat...
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    Yuki Is Spiking A Fever... We Dont Know Why.

    FIP could give panting and fasting breathing because it could bring to pleural effusion. If his chest X-ray was clean, it could have been the fever to cause the rapid breathing. It happens in humans too, especially with this hot weather. However, unexplained fever is often caused by FIP. But it...
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    Help Interpreting Blood Test: Normal Bun And Sdma, But High Creatinine

    I agree with all other comments. Diet, idratation and appropriate fasting all have a great impact on creatinine value. Just to be on the safe side, I would re-test in 6-12 months. Just make sure that he fasted at least 8 hours (12 is better) and he is well hydrated. But raw diet will always...
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    Fip In Cattery

    Yes and no. I mean, I agree that they will probably continue to spread the virus, but only 1/3 of coronavirus positive cats are chronic shredders, so testing stool and blood for antibodies is a gold standard in catteries. Once they stop to shred and reach a low antibodies level, you can separate...
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    Fip In Cattery

    Things are complicated with FIP. Not only, like lutece said, the virus only mutates in a host, sometimes a cat carries the virulent mutation and still doesn't get FIP. That is because the mutated version is CAPABLE to cause the disease, but still needs a suitable substrate, such as a cat who is...
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    Fip In Cattery

    I am so sorry. I think maybe this site could help Dr. Addie- How to prevent FCoV Infection I'm afraid it won't be easy. It's possible to mantain a coronavirus free cattery, but it's of course kinda hard. First you have to be sure that every cat is not shredding the virus anymore, and that...
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    Anyone Here With An Indoor-outdoor Cat With Coronavirus? Experience Needed. :-/

    Sorry for the double post, but I've just found info. The number rates the level of antibodies indeed, but of course it's much less accurate than a blood titration. Anyway, this is not linked to the likeliness of the virus mutating to FIP. It just shows a recent infection or possibly a chronic...
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    Anyone Here With An Indoor-outdoor Cat With Coronavirus? Experience Needed. :-/

    I have no idea what that test is, it doesn't sound so reliable by the way, but it's not a titration. I'm gonna search the web to get more info, though.
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    Anyone Here With An Indoor-outdoor Cat With Coronavirus? Experience Needed. :-/

    My advice is to spay her right away, then after a month get her vaccinated with the shots available in your country. It would protect the cat from pregnancy and reduce the risk of FIV infection. If you are really worried about FIP (we all are, I know it's scary) you could do an antibodies...
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    Anyone Here With An Indoor-outdoor Cat With Coronavirus? Experience Needed. :-/

    Hello, how old is you cat? If she is older than 18-24 months old, the risk of getting FIP is quite small. Growing up, their immune system improves, and they are usually able to control the virus. Also, if she has had the antibodies for more than a year, it's unlikely she would develop FIP now...
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    Urine Marking- Cannot Neuter The Cat

    Sorry if I didn't answer sooner, busy days. Thank you all for your advices! Here's what's new: yesterday he was worse than usual (3-4 little pees everywhere) and pretty nervous too, so we went back to the vet. This time they felt his bladder and genitals were really tender, so they suspected he...