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    Featured You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    Or sleep in an awkward position waking up sore so you don't disturb your cat.
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    early neutering, catnip, general behavior

    I've had 4 cats in my life, and only 2 have reacted to catnip. All 4 were spayed neutered prior to sexual maturity. Some cats like it some don't. Happily, there are plenty of ways to play without catnip.
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    Do you talk to your cat in the third person [feline??]?

    I do this in regards to our food "not for little kitties" because she likes to smell our food and we use a lot of garlic and onion in our meals.
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    Neutering food

    You don't have to wait until he's a year to neuter. Neko-chan got spayed at 5 months and stayed on kitten food until 11months. The only reason I moved her to adult food a month early is because I ran out of kitten food and didn't want to go to the store to get more when I had already bought...
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    Help choosing Siamese siblings

    Though I've never had Siamese cats I've never seen much difference between neutered, well socialized cats based on gender. I'd just get on the floor with the kittens and pick the two who resonate best with you. Or go for a bonded pair.
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    Accidentally stepped on cat's tail - the sound he made almost made my ears bleed

    I've heard it before and Neko-chan usually has a squeaky kitten voice. I agree cats know when you don't mean to hurt them.
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    Baby Talk

    I do my version of baby talk with my cat. Higher pitch, slow and exaggerated. I work with babies and made up words and too much goo-goo ga-ga just delays speech.
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    New kitten craves attention when I work

    I second the cat tree in the office. We have one with a hammock on top next to my husband's desk. It keeps Neko-chan from constantly parking herself on the desk and distracting him. It's also only 18 inches high so it can be moved from room to room
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    Vote on a name!

    I voted Poppy but I also think Dinah could work.
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    How many cats do you have? (A Poll)

    I have just one. I'd love two, but our landlord said we could have only one.
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    Choosing the Right Vet

    It's Lincoln Ave Cat Hospital The doctor is a bit taciturn but one of the vet techs, Tom is a gem. It's in Fair Lawn, NJ
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    New kitten - feeling overwhelmed

    Of you're like me and can't get another kitten, it does get easier! My life saver when Neko-chan was little was a bowl of kibble and putting quiet toys on chairs and coffee table for her to knock down and pounce on. She could play and nibble through the night. She's a bit over a year now and...
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    Share some people/people-related facts that your cat knows!

    People have an obsession with buying little caves or fluffy pillows and calling them beds! Don't they know the best beds smell like them or have a lovely view of birds and squirrels?
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    Maybe they're trying to say "hey, you forgot this piece when you fixed that" .
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    Share some people/people-related facts that your cat knows!

    People are rather easy to manipulate. A couple of high pitched meows will get you treats and play time. If they aren't paying attention to you and staring at the box with the moving pictures or a pad of paper all you have to do is jump in their lap and purr. Instant petting!