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  1. Neko-chan's mama

    Treats and Catnip suggestions?

    I agree with the Yeowww toys. About bubbles, some cats get mad because once they "catch" them, there's nothing there to bite or lick.
  2. Neko-chan's mama

    Kitten isn't at all affectionate

    My kitten went through a phase where all she wanted was play time and space. She actually became more affectionate after being spayed at 20 weeks.
  3. Neko-chan's mama

    Human food I can use for as treats for my kitties

    Oh my, I have no idea how that happened. I meant to say tuna salad.
  4. Neko-chan's mama

    Human food I can use for as treats for my kitties

    My husband makes guns salad every couple of months and Neko-chan loves the water from it. She will wake up from a deep sleep and run to her dish to lap it up.
  5. Neko-chan's mama

    FIP? Help :(

    I'm not religious, but I still pray regularly that they find a cure for this horrible disease. I also believe in reincarnation and hope that Figaro has been reborn into a loving home with gentle people who give him the occasional lick of peanut butter. He really loved peanut butter.
  6. Neko-chan's mama

    Funny Black Cat Stories

    I'm surprised they let you adopt him! A lot of shelter won't adopt out black cats in the weeks leading up to Halloween as some people will get them as a prop then abandon them.
  7. Neko-chan's mama

    Funny Black Cat Stories

    When we went to the shelter last year, a little black and white kitten jumped in my lap and settled down to purr. After some cuddling and playing, we decided to adopt him. We had to leave to get a note from our landlord and he tried to follow us out the door and gave us this look that clearly...
  8. Neko-chan's mama

    Favorite attribute of your cat(s)?

    I love how chatty my Neko-chan is. She says hello whenever I come home, makes little squeaks while I'm in the bathroom, and makes little grumbly meows while I prep her wet food. I also love her little red nose that looks like it's outlined in black eyeliner. And my heart just melts every...
  9. Neko-chan's mama

    Share your daily routine!

    6am wake up and lay in bed with a furry purring kitty on my neck 6:15am get out of bed and use the bathroom 6:25am clean litter box and wash water and kibble dishes 6:30am play with Neko-chan 6:50am she has her wet food while I have my coffee 7:30 a15 minute play session then she goes to sleep...
  10. Neko-chan's mama

    Tiki cat dry food

    I feed Neko-chan both wet food and kibble. I'd like to switch her off of blue buffalo wilderness as I've heard that some healthy cats got sick and even died on it. She loves her tiki cat after dark and they have an all life stages kibble. Anyone else feed this or have recommended dry food...
  11. Neko-chan's mama

    FIP? Help :(

    I am glad you went to a new vet. My boy Figaro passed away did to dry FIP in February. I felt at the time the vet wasn't giving his all to my sweet baby. I do think some vets might just be better with dogs. Neko-chan goes to a cat only vet and gets great care there. However, it's up to you...
  12. Neko-chan's mama

    Funny Black Cat Stories

    Are sweet stories ok?
  13. Neko-chan's mama

    My kitten is SUDDENLY affectionate after spay. Why?

    Neko-chan became more affectionate after being spayed. She still loves her play time, but will lid on my lap and purr loud enough to wake the dead. Before the spay, she only did that early in the morning before I got out of bed.
  14. Neko-chan's mama

    Tips For Keeping Kittens Off Of Counters And Other Things?

    I got my kitty to stop this by covering cheap plastic place mats with double sided tape. Put them on the counters and when she jumped up she felt the sticky. She stopped trying after only a few days.
  15. Neko-chan's mama

    How Long Do You Play With Your Cat?

    my husband and I are fascinated by Japanese culture, which is why we named her Neko-chan (we knew it means girl cat). Hopefully one day we'll be able to afford a trip to Japan even though we don't speak the language