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    Old Member Trace Tumblebrutus

    RIP sweet Trace :angel: Play happy at the Rainbow Bridge.
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    Retirement Gifts - Looking For Ideas Please!

    Nursing is a stressful job. I'm sure she would appreciate things that would help her relax and unwind and enjoy some leisure time, just for her! How about gift certificates for massage, mani-pedi, or a whole spa day? Does she have any hobbies? Perhaps some supplies towards her hobbies. What...
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    Do indoor cats really need vaccines?

    I asked my vet that once. And he told me that it's a good idea to give your kittens/cats their initial set of vaccines. But if your cats are absolutely, positively only indoor cats, and you do not expose them to other cats (not even fosters) or kenneling, then you don't need to do follow-up...
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    I am absolutely heartbroken and regretful over my Meela having to be put down

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I made the same decision for my Spencer two days ago. I miss him like crazy. But he was sick and I know I did the right thing for him. There is always some guilt associated with choosing to end a Pet's life to ease their suffering. After reading all that your baby...
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    Rip Spencer

    Thank you everyone. Your words of support mean a great deal. At seven years old the thought of renal failure didn't even cross my mind. It all happened so fast. One day he's playing with Da Bird, and playing fetch with his Kong rattle-feather ball, and the next day he's throwing up all day...
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    Rip Spencer

    I adopted him and his sister when they were just over 16 weeks. Katie is sure missing him. They've been constant companion since birth. They weren't overly bonded, but they were known to cuddle. And Katie stuck by Spencer all this week when he wasn't feeling well.
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    Rip Spencer

    Today I said goodbye to my beautiful boy, Spencer. :bawling: :angel: Sept 18, 2010 - Jun 22, 2017 Play happy over the Rainbow Bridge. Chynna and Abby will take care of you now. Thank you for letting me be your meowmy. :redheartpump: I'm going to miss you my little honey bunches of oats-ess...
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    "Old" Members

    I posted a similar thread last year: Some people stopped in to provide updates. I'm not here very much anymore.  I'm having pain issues and can't sit for long periods of time. I only have a desktop...
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    I'm tired of people calling my cat ugly!

    I have a "friend" who absolutely hates all animals. She's terrified of every animal on earth, and she can't stand the fact that I have cats and is constantly calling me "crazy cat lady" and she doesn't mean it in a funny way either.  She's never been to my apartment because I refuse to lock up...
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    Anything you are dreading in the next week?

    I'm feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming week.  It may not sound like much to some people, but I'm off work on disability and my life has tended to be quiet, and I make it so that I usually have a day in between activity/outings.   Not this coming week. Saturday:  I'm expecting someone to come...
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    2016 TCS Christmas Card Exchange?

    When this was first started, the whole idea was to be able to include members that didn't qualify for the Secret Santa exchange.   Many people felt excluded because they weren't a member long enough to join Secret Santa, so some of us thought that exchanging cards with long time members, as well...
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    Anyone have an Air Fryer?

    There is no such thing as "frying by air."  You are convection baking.  Some big ovens and many smaller toaster ovens have the capability of convection cooking.
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    I'm Moving. Off line for a few days.

    I am moved.  The movers were excellent. I found them through Kijiji. They wrapped my furniture so as not to damage it.  And I didn't get a chance to mark all of the boxes.  By the time I got a fat marker, most everything was packed and I didn't remember or know what was in the boxes, so at the...