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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    Thanks to everyone who has been interested in Fetén's progress. Look at what he can do now! This is from yesterday's therapy session. I still cannot believe my eyes. I'm just soooo happy, another reason to be thankful this year.
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    Super late update, but today Fetén peed by himself during therapy. This is GREAT! Because he is not able to empty his bladder. We have to manually do it several times a day. He had done it before a couple times, but his vet had never seen it an today it happened! He is also now able to stay in...
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    Cat Paralyzed With No Apparent Cause

    Yes, a veterinary neurologist would also be my recommendation. I have a paralyzed cat and I can tell you that both a neurologist and physical therapy make all the difference. The neurologist should be able to offer a diagnosis (if it is a neurological condition, which might be likely) and the...
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    Tell Me How Your Cat Has Inspired You

    I'd have to say that Fetén has taught me so many things about enjoying life. He is a one year-old paraplegic cat. He was abused by some :censored: and left paralyzed when he was about 5 weeks old. He has been through soooo much, from being abused, to very sick, to putting up with being...
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    Thanks @Avery and @mazie for the great suggestions! Anything that gets Fetén moving is great for him. @British Girls, thanks! In terms of an update, we finally talked to a local orthotist. He builds orthopedic devices for humans, but is willing to help us out. This is the only person we have...
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    Well, if he is fed up with therapy he'll do everything he can to get away! When I say he tries to jump off, I mean he "jumps" with his upper body, lands with his front paws and crashes with the rest of his body. We got his pants back from the seamstress. She did a great job and now his belly...
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    Of course they do it to show who's the boss! :insertevillaugh: No, they really get along well with my dogs and also I have dog and cat beds all over the house. I think I own more cat and dog beds than actual furniture for the house! :blush:. I made I mistake when ordering his pants, but that...
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    6 Month Kitten Paralyzed In Hind Legs (again): Vet Not An Option

    Yes, please take your kitten to a vet. In cases of paralysis acting quick is the key to preventing long-lasting consequences. If not even a low-cost vet is an option, please consider reaching out to rescue groups or even the ASPCA for help and/or information. Your kitten definitely needs to be...
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    @Jcatbird, thanks for the tips. Indeed, I've noticed that any sores start with the skin turning pink. Fortunately, his "clothes" are ready and should be arriving sometime next week! We got them made in black, to match his coat color ;). This is what they look like. I'm eager for Fetén to try...
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    @msaimee, the idea, indeed, is to use this as a repository of everything I've learned with Fetén to at least give anyone else in the same position some starter points to know what to do. Fortunately for me, there we so many amazing people who replied to this post with so many great ideas and...
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    Small update: Fetén is now able to keep a normal resting position with all four quarters tucked underneath. This is another milestone we wanted to achieve because now he can stay in the position cats use to stand up, with the hind legs firmly planted on the floor. Our next goal is for him to...
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    How Does Your Cat Take Care Of You?

    My oldest and largest cat, Gato, is just a sweetheart. He is my bodyguard. We used to live in a house that has a long, poorly lit walkway between the gate and the house. It always made me a bit nervous to walk there in the evening, especially if I was all alone (my husband travels a lot for...
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    Kitten Brain Damage After Surgery And Now Back Leg Paralysis

    I'd like to add my two cents. A year ago I adopted a paraplegic kitten. Here's the full story: Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten I've learned a lot in the past year about caring for him, treatment options, and many other things. Depending on the type of injury, cats can recover the ability to walk...
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    Black Cats Are Not Bad Luck!

    Thanks for posting this. I just signed the petition. It infurates me that a company like McDonald's would continue to extend a stupid belief like this. I have three black cats. All three of them have been the victims of stupid people who believed black cats are bad luck. This just makes me so mad.
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    Paralyzed Stray Black Kitten

    Hi! There´s lots of news, but first of all, Fetén is doing amazing! For about the last two to three months we have been complementing his physical therapy at home with new exercises. We built him something like an obstacle course with spiky plastic balls and acupressure mats. We then strap him...