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    How do cats cope in hot weather?

    Hi everyone We're about to head into summer here in Australia and there are some really really hot days that are ahead for us. We can easily get to 41 degrees here in January and i'm just thinking about my humphrey and how cats react and deal with hot weather like this. Any tips for keeping...
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    Struggling with solo play

    I have the exact same problem, also single cat household. He only ever wants to play with me and needs me to be involved in the play otherwise he just gets bored. Tried auto toys buthe isn't interested. I'm hoping he'll calm down as he gets older as he's very young only 6 months and a bit still.
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    My cat acts like he doesn't recognize me after a day at work

    This ones been puzzling me for ages so any insight would be appreciated. I work from the office 2 days a week. I leave the house at around 850 and then come home at 630. On these days, i feed my cat via the auto feeder and in the morning i feed him myself. When i get home, he paces around...
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    Is it ok not to play with my cats at all for a day?

    I think it's more important to play with your cat everyday if you only have one. Since you have two, you can relax a bit but it's great that you're thinking of their boredom levels.
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    Attention seeking kitten

    This would be ideal but its not realistic for me, im afraid
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    Attention seeking kitten

    Im Gonna buy some auto toys to see if this helps but a large part of the playing is that I have to be involved. He’s not the best at playing alone. May be because he’s only ever known playing with his siblings/me or just coz he’s a sooky boy
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    24/7 vet chat line - worth 45 dollars a month?

    Hi everyone I've come across this website called vetchat which is like an open chat room which connects you to a vet. It claims to be 24/7, but there's a 45 dollar a month fee. I'm thinking this may be helpful for me to just have someone on call with my questions to do with humphrey, but am...
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    Attention seeking kitten

    haha that's so lovely he can be a handful though, i someitmes wonder how much of this behavoiur is fuelled by my overly affectionate ways to him. Maybe if i wasn't so lovey he wouldn't of been so needy? But he's such a lovely cat, i just wish he didn't meow for attentio all the time. I think a...
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    Attention seeking kitten

    Hi everyone Just posting about humphrey again. I'm having issues with getting him to play by himself. I was getting really worried about his meowing, but i upped his food intake which seemed to help but it turns out he's at it again. What i've noticed is that he'll stop when i'm playing with...
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    my kitten keeps randomly meowing?

    I totally get the worrying, i was worrying non stop about humphrey and still do a bit (have to say he's calmed down so much more since i've upped the food) but i get the kitten mum anxiety!!!
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    my kitten keeps randomly meowing?

    My 6 month old was randomly meowing all the time but i found out recently that i had been underfeeding him. He's still a chatty fellow but it's a completely different type of meow when he's hungry compared to when he's just being chatty. I find most people usually have the opposite issue where...
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    Experienced single cat owners: What's your final word on the single cat experience?

    I'm looking for the final say on it. After years of being a single cat owner, how would you sum it up? I'm a new single cat owner and im still navigating the experience. My humphrey is going on 6 months old and there are still challenges for me (multiple play sessions a day can get tiring when...
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    First-time Pet Owner

    Hi a.yomide!!! Welcome, im also new here and have found this place to be just lovely!! im also a first time pet/cat owner so i've come here for support advice and guidance. Welcome :woohoo:
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    First time cat owner looking for a community

    I love the cat community!!!!! thank you so much for the kindness and support!!!!
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    First time cat owner looking for a community

    awww hello honey babies!!! and hi striderrose, im doing well. Hope you are also doing well too