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    One of my old beloved cats may have diabetes or kidney disease?? Not sure what i should do..

    It's tough out there right now for so many folks :hugs:. What does she eat...wet food or dry? If it IS kidney disease, which is a very good possibility, usually the first thing suggested is a change of foods to go with something with lower phosphorus. The problem is, if she is currently eating...
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    One of my old beloved cats may have diabetes or kidney disease?? Not sure what i should do..

    The first thing you need to do is GET a diagnosis. It could be kidney disease, it could be diabetes (is she overweight?), it could be something else. But until you know what it is, you won't know what it will mean in terms of financial costs and her quality of life. I've had three kidney...
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    I just read this yesterday regarding a slightly different issues (maybe)...mouth ulcers. This is from the website Perhaps something here would be useful: (sorry, it didn't "cut and paste" very well) Mouth Ulcers: Holistic Treatments Slippery...
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    New Kitten Throwing Up and Not Eating

    Are you giving her Kitten Milk Replacement along with food? She is still VERY young, really younger than she should be to be away from her mother, really. The KMR might be tasty to her AND give her much needed nutrients.
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    CRF Diagnosis

    Did you see this specific page on Tanya's page for treatment of mouth ulcers? Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - Treatment of Waste Product Regulation Problems I've had three kidney cats, but none of them had mouth ulcers so I don't have any specific advise on that...
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    New Kitten Throwing Up and Not Eating

    how is she now? Has her eating picked up? Eight weeks is still very young and kittens this young cannot exist long without nourishment. If you haven't seen a Vet yet, please do so and then let us know what's happening. It COUlD be from her shots, but that usually goes away within 24 hours...
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    Looking for a solution to this wound...

    Wow, what a difference! So glad that food is working :clap:
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    No fever is a good sign :crossfingers:
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    Our cat has a few health problems with cystitis, puked twice today

    Also, it's possible she is vomiting from the antibiotic. That is a common side effect with that drug, along with loss of appetite. When you call them tomorrow they may change it up, or they may sy it's ok to stop it depending on how well she is healing up. I've had cats that do poorly on most...
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    Ae they both eating well now? I don't believe you mentioned it, but did they put him on antibiotics at all, just in case? I wonder if that might help, again, "just in case". Why are you checking for jaundice. FIP doesn't usually effect the liver, does it? I just don't recall anyone ever...
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    Leave it out or pick it up?

    You can leave the wet food out for a couple hours with no issue. Then, depending on hot hot and humid it is in your home, you can possibly leave it out longer. Some people leave it out all night. I don't but some folks do. Depending on her age, she might not need to eat so often,unless she...
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    Cat suddenly refused to eat wet food

    You might also try Soulistic, petco's other house brand. They are made by the same folks who make Weruva. That's the brand we used when we transitioned four cats from kibble to wet food.
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    Cat suddenly refused to eat wet food

    How about Sheba pate? It's very similar to Fancy Feast, but slightly better ingredients. Or maybe he doesn't like pate? Some cats definitely like variety. I have two cats and one has been eating the same exact wet food for years now, and the other likes something different at each meal, so...
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    Pancreatitis and Hepatic Lipidosis any advice appreciated

    that's great that she is eating a little bit on her own, but she needs to eat MORE, and she needs to eat something that is more nutritious as well, as I'm sure you already know. Those are good as a complement to meals, but are not 100% nutritionally complete, which she needs right now even more...
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    Cat suddenly refused to eat wet food

    If you go with the Fancy Feast, try to stick with the pates. they are the lowest in carbs, which is what you want so he'll feel more full. Plus that's just better for any cat to have fewer carbs. Over Friskies pates are ok, carb wise. It's probably NOT a health issue since he's still...