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    I am new here

    Thank you for the Welcome! It has been a rough few weeks, we have four cats and are in the process of feeding them a half-raw/half-cooked diet. Arie, the princess who I thought was going to be the beast of the bunch has taken to the meal plan pretty well, although we are only 1/3 of the way to...
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    Entire family is against cats being indoor cats only

    Addressing the feral cats first. Look up Cat Rescue on Google for your area, call them and tell them there are a lot of feral cats in your neighborhood, you don't need to be specific or be as specific as you want, they will have the option of doing one of two things, Call the Humane Society and...
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    My Tabby Has Blood In Her Urine.

    This happened to me about 10 days ago with my 4.5 y.o. male cat. He ended up having bladder stones. My vet didn't take an x-ray and I don't think she did an ultrasound because the bill was pretty cheap compared to what it usually costs me! Did your vet specifically say your cat didn't have...