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    My sweet boy is gone

    You are very welcome. I know the feeling too well and it is never going away.
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    My sweet boy is gone

    I just wanted to say I'm very glad you had this time with your precious boy and I know how time does not heal really. I miss my boy, Boo, who died in '08 and when I think of him I tear up still 12 yrs later. So I just wanted to say thank you for posting and sharing his memory again with us all...
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    Sylvie's last wk bldwork update

    I know not much here I said, but want to stay connected to this site very much as this is the lifeblood of ALL our cat caretakers & our kitties. It is a family aka Group effort & NO ONE here ever stands alone in triumph or trajedy w/ their kitties. TY again for caring everyone & KFC is gonna be...
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    Cat not eating her food ?

    U wanna know if ur cat is still alive? No joke here but try KFC chicken!!! NEVER ever saw a cat refuse it that was alive & breathing, haha. HOLY GRAIL of a cats diet in emergencies. It'll fatten them up & surely test if they can eat yet? Heck my g/f ate half the bag intended for my feral...
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    Sylvie's last wk bldwork update

    Hi all, Well she's our indoor while we battle outside feral, Blackie, in the apts yet. Soon in 2 months we need trap & finish his neuter. But Syl's rushed ER last wkend to vet showed her rite hock has joint disease, but for her unknown age (we think about 12-13 yrs) that is older senior...
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    A Warrior's Heart

    Never give up on cat! Especially a feral, as no one else would care for them if we don't. Of course it is hard. Nothing worth doing is easy, period. Ha, look at working out, eating right, getting enough sleep -- all hard to sustain but worth it. & as so it goes w/ cats & ferals for sure. I...
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    Rapid CKD Decline...following UTI. Devastated.

    You and her WILL make it and SHE will be ok!!! God can heal the blind if need be. I can barely get out of bed w/out Him, trust me. :)
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    Rapid CKD Decline...following UTI. Devastated.

    Oh my God. I will pray for you and her! God is very powerful I know, I'd not be here if not for His will. Please believe God's plan and your baby is going to be allright. Kitty princess my heart goes out to you and your baby. If not for threads and experiences such as yiu are having, I'd not...
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    Back Legs Not Always Working, Lump On Tail

    My girl tuxedo of unknown age (about 12-13) also this wk has back/hind leg pain. Walks a few feet & lays down. Vet saw her tonite & thinks arthritis as worn to bone on the right leg, I think. I need talk to this new lady vet in AM, as unclear whats going on. Will report as soon as I can on Sat...
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    Welactin Omega 3 & Nutramax Dasuquin 84 count?

    Hi, Our new vet saw our older 12-13 yr old girl tonite (for 1st time ever to this new vet as was kinda emergency due to severe limp past few days) due to limping this wk alot. My regular all-cat vet was too busy & has no appt til next Thurs. So couldn't wait. So new vet said she took an SDMA...
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    Trapping Very Sick Cat

    Use oily fish like sardines or canned mackerel or even oil tuna or herring or salmon--cats LOVE salmon/salmon oil taste, yummy says my 2 monsters!!! Cover trap asap as Maggie said. :) Watch this trap asap when he's near it. If desperate enough for his food -- this'll do it! Please, if you get...
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    Injured stray feral cat - guilt after euthanasia

    A pet or feral will steal your heart MORE than any human can or will! I KNOW THIS! I've seen both parents die & I was sad but ill health & age caught them as it will us all. But, the unconditional love, trust, dependence & just overall beauty of a pet is overwhelming & not even something we...
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    How often do you feed feral/outdoor cats?

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    How often do you feed feral/outdoor cats?

    Exactly my prob. He's a tomcat feral & about 5 yrs old too. Everytime I see him I feed him. About 2-3 times/day but s. AZ heat is causing a few missed lunches as triple digits is brutal for him to eat midday. I'm just glad I have the time to feed him as home daily now for forseeable future.
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    advices pls

    I can only say is there a co-worker that'd call for u? You have been a hero but he needs more vet care. Please see if anyone in office can call or help? If not, please try to call a Humane Shelter & say he is injured & needs care asap. If hurt it is their legal right to take him in, as they...