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    Does anyone train their cat to do tricks?

    My cat fetches he thinks he is a dog.. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats.
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    Cat enjoys rolling in litter boxes - have tried everything - long post

    Have you ever tried to use non litter like dried up newspaper there is a kind of litter that my vet tells me to get but these spoiled cats will not use it.. its not litter its more like dried up pine straw.. they are pellots and when they urinate they can not take it with them.. and the smell is...
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    My female cat is OBSESSED with one of my other cats. Can cats fall in love?

    Yes sounnds crazy but Cats DO FALL IN LOVE... it happens.. My old cat Koko, was gay boy cat. WHEN I bought in my Stray Meow boy black and white tux found him hungry near my house bought him in, Koko would not leave him alone. HE would kiss him, coddle him and then Sweet Tea would do the same...
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    Rejected Raw Food - Can I cook it to increase appeal?

    Maybe add some Merrick Food for your cat.. I give her some raw and then she perferred Merrick over raw.
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    Trouble with brushing

    I found out that my cat too does not like to be brushed.. I thought I was kind of losing it but i found out that she loves it when i give her a taste of new food.. the food I was giving her was so greasy and making her cry when I brush her. Since I traded up and give her Merrick Pate.. in...
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    How to get the catnip smell out of carpet?

    I use a cheap yellow cleaner from Dollar Tree... its gets out all kinds of smell, i put some in a spray bottle.. its called Pin Glo.. for kitchen and bathroon and disinfectant... i use is in all my laundry. one of my cats pees on my bed, when she can not get there quick enough.. i went threw 3...