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    Concerned About my pregnant kitty

    All your kittens are adorable! You've obviously done a good job helping them thrive in spite of all the problems the moms have had. A lot of places sell small feeding syringes cheaper than what your vet is charging. Pet stores, feed stores, and pharmacies are good places to look. You can order...
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    Heatstroke in cats

    Well, my cat had heart disease. I'm not saying that your cat has a heart problem or any health problem, just that it's a good idea to check, since he is showing a change in behavior. Editing to add: since he's so young, maybe he just hasn't experienced hot weather before and didn't know how to...
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    Heatstroke in cats

    Yes, plenty of water and cool places to rest are important, but I also agree that a vet check would be a good idea. When my cat started having trouble tolerating the heat last summer, he turned out to have an underlying health problem that was causing it. If that's the case for your kitty, it's...
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    Underweight cat

    Some cats are just naturally thin no matter what. I had a cat who was at a two on that scale all her life (until she developed CKD in old age and became even thinner) but she was healthy for the majority of her life. I occasionally tried to get her to gain weight without success, but in...
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    How should I feed 2 cats and when?

    Do they eat the same food? If so, it probably isn't necessary to make them eat from their own bowls. Most cats can self regulate when they have food freely available, so I wouldn't worry about it unless one of them actually seems to be gaining too much weight or preventing the other from getting...
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    A Waste Of Money?

    A lot of commercially available cat trees just aren't big enough or sturdy enough for an adult cat, especially a bigger one. There are some that attach to the ceiling which might make them feel safer for her. Or maybe your girl would like a scratcher lounge. They're lower to the ground and have...
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    My Cat Lost His Voice

    I must not have gotten my notifications for this thread. Sorry I never answered! Charlie got over his sore throat pretty quickly, so I didn't take him to the vet at that time. He ended up getting hurt not long after, so of course he saw the vet then, and he was fine apart from the injury (which...
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    Tail Injury

    He's home now, wearing the cone of shame and bumping into things.:tongue: He does seem to feel better already, and with any luck he'll be able to recover properly now.
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    Tail Injury

    So it turns out that most of his tail has died. He's in surgery right now having it removed and I'm kind of freaking out. This is a lot more upsetting than I would have expected.
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    Herbs And Other Alternatives To Steroids For Allergies?

    Ascorbic acid is what I used. I was told it was the best form to use - more easily absorbed, I think? You can start with a small dose and gradually increase until you see results, but back off if he gets an upset tummy. Yeah, if he's getting salmon oil in his food, that's definitely better than...
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    Glutten Strays

    That really isn't all that much for two cats, especially since they live outdoors. Canned fish for humans tends to be low-calorie, and it isn't a balanced meal for cats if that's all they're eating. It might be better (and almost certainly cheaper) to feed them cat food, if you are their main...
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    Cat Suddenly Finnicky

    Good luck! I hope you can find something that works for him.
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    Cat Suddenly Finnicky

    In my experience, when a cat suddenly becomes picky, there is something else going on. Did he have blood work done at his last checkup? How do you know it's the Iams food causing diarrhea? Could he have parasites or some other illness that is causing both the diarrhea and the pickiness? You...
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    Tail Injury

    Thanks. I hope Charlie will do as well as Primus did. He is acting more normal now, playing and purring and jumping again, but for some reason he keeps holding his tail stiffly curved. I'm guessing it hurts and he wants to avoid letting it touch anything as he moves.
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    Kitten Bums Smell Food?

    Is it possible they aren't fully digesting their food, even though the diarrhea has cleared up? It can take a while for digestive systems to fully heal and work properly after a long illness like that. Maybe it will improve in time. Or, being kittens, maybe they sit in or play in their food...