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    Hyperthyroid cat,methimazole and I131 treatment

    Personally I do not recommend MSU! I mean, they're fine if you don't have another good option, but they could do so much better. They actually lost my appointment the first time I made it, and fortunately I called a few days before to ask a question and found out, otherwise I would have driven...
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    Hyperthyroid cat,methimazole and I131 treatment

    Yes, she did have CKD, but her numbers didn't get much worse after I-131 treatment. Now, it can sometimes be really difficult to gauge how bad CKD is from numbers alone-sometimes they don't get that high even though the cat very clearly has symptoms of CKD. But at any rate, Wendy's only got a...
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    freeze dried products

    Yep! The bones are super small and disintegrate really easily when they've been freeze-dried.
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    Do you think your cat would save your life?

    Ha! Once someone broke into my home and I woke up to him standing over my bed. (I was fine.) Delilah was just sitting in the living room watching him break in, not concerned in the slightest. She probably went up to him for chin scratches. She's dumb as rocks but I love her. I also think I...
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    Hyperthyroid cat,methimazole and I131 treatment

    I LOVE the I-131 treatment. The hardest part of it is usually the cost (although less than methimazole over 5 years I believe) and the overnight stay. Otherwise, it's very safe, very reliable, and a complete cure. Hyperthyroidism is one of the few diseases with such an easy cure, actually...
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    Seconding @FeebysOwner , cats that have normal thyroids need a certain level of iodine in their diet. A bite won't kill them or anything, but since their non-prescription commercial foods already have the exact right balance, if they're eating a significant amount of the prescription food every...
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    That is interesting. I didn't know about acupuncture for megacolon either. So nice to have another option in the toolkit! I'm glad she's home!
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    Oh dear, I hope not. I suppose we don't know when this started to develop, but that sounds really fast to me. As I understand megacolon, there are a few steps to try before considering it a lost cause! Cisapride can be great.
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    My cat had a similar experience, and unfortunately it can be difficult to get the right balance of everything. I agree with the advice given so far. More water and more wet food can only help! We did Miralax for a while and it did help, but it lost effectiveness over time. I finally tried...
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    New diet issues are driving me crazy

    CFU stands for colony-forming units (weird name), but it just means "how much bacteria per dose." Usually you want it to be in the billions.
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    PSA: Paper bags with handles

    The age old question! I like to think kittens are very thorough investigators. They might have to try something 50 times before they decide it's not a good idea!
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    Water as first ingredient

    Companies have some freedom with how they list ingredients. Maybe the add water to dehydrated chicken meal and list them separately, or maybe they use chicken meat that still has natural moisture and just list it as chicken. Both could have the same amount of water. To get a more accurate idea...
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    New kitten! How would you describe her color?

    I don't have experience with this directly so I'm not an expert, but I wonder if it could be a fever coat. Sometimes that happens if the mother was sick or stressed during the pregnancy, and silver colored fur gets replaced with the cat's actual fur color as the adult fur grows in. I'll be...
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    Rabbit flavor shortage?? (Rawz, Tiki Cat, Dr. Elsey’s)

    Dr. Elsey's is running out of everything. Their website says it's due to switching manufacturers and COVID-related supply issues.
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    What's on your Anti-Bucket list?

    Laundry. Alas... In the true spirit of the question though, I would say "go on a cruise." A boat? filled with...people?! No thank you!