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    Hyperthyroid Persian Cat

    Oh dear, that is bringing back flashbacks to my experience! So difficult to get someone to answer my questions unfortunately! (Hopefully you won't call a week ahead and find that no one actually booked your appointment when they said they did which is what happened to me...) I did go to a...
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    Hyperthyroid Persian Cat

    Holistic stuff is often great to help the body help itself as optimally as it can. But, it really should be used to augment conventional medicine, not in place of it, because of situations like hyperthyroidism where more direct intervention is needed. That said, please try not to beat yourself...
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    Rabies Vaccine General Question?

    Have you read about vaccines on Dr. Pierson's site? Vaccines for Cats: We Need to Stop Overvaccinating It's a good chunk of info, but she strongly recommends the 3 year. It seems rabies vaccine is not the worst culprit when it comes to sarcomas and kidney disease though, so if you can't get it...
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    Maybe A Stupid Question - Kittens Sharing A Room

    I would wait, not because Leukemia is probably that much of a risk if they're not directly sharing saliva, but because kittens are often full of intestinal parasites and that'd be super annoying if something were to spread through the whole household.
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    Cat Is Bum Scooting On A Regular Basis

    I've had my share of battles with a constipated cat! Wet food is 100% the way to go for a million reasons. I notice you're trying a lot of fiber based options, which is standard for constipation but you do want to be careful. Fiber can be a useful tool but keep in mind it's not a natural part...
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    Hyperthyroid Persian Cat

    Hi, so sorry you're having difficulties. The risk of hypothyroidism is possible with radioiodine, but not common, and even then, it is very treatable, and much more manageable than hyperthyroidism. The kidney concern is real but a bit misleading. Cats do not develop kidney disease from...
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    Any Experience With Hyperthyroidism?

    I did have my share of frustrations with this vet. Scintigraphy just "wasn't something they did," despite my asking for it repeatedly. They didn't agree with the diagnosis at first either, and scintigraphy would have given a definitive diagnosis, but instead we had to go home and make the trip...
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    Any Experience With Hyperthyroidism?

    I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone stumbles upon it I'd thought I'd update! I stopped the methimazole really quickly and decided to go the I-131 route. It's been almost a year since we did the radioiodine treatment, and Wendy is doing GREAT. I did fight with the vet to get a lower...
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    Dieting For Cats

    Cats absolutely do not need a bowl of dry food out at all times. If your schedule permits, cats usually like to have multiple small meals a day, but I'm not home during the day so mine get breakfast and dinner and they're fine. I found that my cat does much better on a high protein food in...
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    High Calorie Treats?

    Aw poor thing! Yeah no go on the freeze dried then, that's too bad. Not a treat, but I use 2nd stage meat (chicken, turkey, or ham) baby food a lot for extra calories when I need to get someone eating.
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    High Calorie Treats?

    Purebites are expensive, but they're my go to. Only ingredient is freeze-dried chicken (I think they have turkey and salmon versions too). The dog version is exactly the same as the cat one except the pieces are bigger (but easily broken up) and cheaper! My cats love them, and I don't have to...
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    Raw Diet For Flutd

    If you have access to meat and just need a premix, my vet was over the moon about this one: TCfeline - Special Formula, low Phosphorus. 280 gram jar Website says they're out of stock right now, but I'm sure it'll be back when the weather gets better. You use it with meat only, no organs or...
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    Help! Uri Spreading Through Multi Cat Household.

    And here's a link to a thread about another potential treatment: Stubborn herpes infection? Add Lactoferrin in addition to Lysine
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    Help! Uri Spreading Through Multi Cat Household.

    I do not like that the vet is putting them on antibiotics so much. Most cat URIs are viral, especially if it's recurring, it's almost certainly viral, and antibiotics do nothing against a virus. Them getting better is just the virus running the course of the phase. Antibiotics can be used to...
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    Cat Sitting

    3 days is way too short a time for most cats to learn to tolerate each other, so you will likely have to keep her in the room with door closed the whole time, unless you want to close the boys up in another room for a period while she explores. A face to face encounter that goes badly will only...