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    Tucker's Freeze Dried Raw

    Huh. I knew Tucker's as a jerky dog treat company. Looks like they've changed directions. I didn't know Stella and Chewy owned them...perhaps they bought the company recently?
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    Does anybody else think of their cat as a “person”?

    I think my months of social isolation are starting to show. I accidentally said to someone, "Delilah didn't talk to me much yesterday." And I didn't even mean meowing, because she doesn't even do that often. I just referred to her greeting me and rubbing against my legs as "talking" to me...
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    Sorry if off topic but would like advice/reassurance

    Toxoplasmosis is such an interesting and complicated disease. I went to a seminar by a leading toxoplasma gondii researcher once. It's actually incredibly common to have and never know it. 2/3 of Europeans are estimated to have it. But, most people get it from eating fruits and vegetables that...
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    Cat loves water TOO much

    I like the leaving the faucet dripping idea too! We do that to keep pipes from freezing on really cold days anyway. Shouldn't add too much to the water bill for a few days!
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    Please share your Methimazole experience..

    Methimazole can have some detrimental side effects. Also, hyperthyroidism is a progressive disease that will get worse over time, so you could also be seeing more symptoms of that. Vomiting and increased thirst are possible symptoms. Lack of appetite is unusual for hyperthyroidism, so it could...
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    When are you supposed to transition to mature food?

    Generally, mature cat food is just a marketing gimmick. Cats might slow down with age, so these cat foods tend to cut calories by reducing the amount of meat and adding more fiber and carbs, which is actually the opposite of what a cat needs at any age! If your cat is becoming more sedentary and...
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    How to stop a cat from kneading?

    To be honest, it doesn't sound like your mom should have any cats. Declawing is out of the question. Aside from being torture for the cat, it can also cause them to stop using the litter box because their paws hurt on the litter, and they might start biting because they feel defenseless. I've...
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    How does your cat wake you up

    What doesn't she do! She used to bite my face at 5 am for breakfast. I assume I didn't hear her meows because I'm a heavy sleeper, and she did what needed to be done. I'm still proud that I've (mostly) managed to train her out of that by ignoring her completely. So she usually settles for...
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    Adopting a kitten or a bonded pair: questions

    Seeing actual worms seems scary, but they're pretty easy to take care of with a dose or two of dewormer pills. You can usually get good ones from pet stores if your vet didn't give you any. The trickier ones are the microscopic parasites, which you may need to get prescription medication for...
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    Description for newly adopted cat!

    He certainly is gorgeous! Technically he can't be anything but a DSH without registered documentation.The mutations that give various breeds their distinctive coloring were already present in the domestic cat gene pool before the breeds originated/were bred, so it's very common to have domestic...
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    Adopting a kitten or a bonded pair: questions

    Ohh look at them! I have no idea what parasites are common in your area, but I bet one of them is causing the diarrhea. Kittens are super susceptible to intestinal parasites because their immune systems aren't strong enough to fight them off completely like grown cats. If they don't get better...
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    Thoughts on CBD?

    This seems to be true. I know a chemist who works for a medical marijuana testing company, and she said most cbd products they look at don't have nearly as much as they claim because the molecule degrades fairly easily. This is the one my vet gave me if anyone's interested: HempRx
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    Thoughts on CBD?

    My vet prescribed my 17 year old CBD oil for arthritis pain. She thought it was a better option than other pain medications because it would be gentler on her kidneys (she had kidney disease). I cannot say for sure if it helped with her pain at all. She was still very stiff, as her arthritis was...
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    Anyone feeding Stella and Chewy's freeze dried Turkey dinner morsels? has the same sale going on right now too!
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    Is my Kitten too Clingy?

    Immediately I thought, "get another kitten!" I know that seems daunting. And it is double the food, double the litter, and double the vet bills that you have to provide for. But....if you're in a position to do so, I think you and your kitten will be a lot happier with another one! Kittens are...