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    limping - meloxicam / metacam

    Hi! Thank you for replying! yup i did tell the vet that i’m able to move his limbs without much growling/hissing, he would occassionally pull his limbs away, but definitely nothing like what was seen at the clinic and no aggression. But the vet simply said that cats can hide their pain at home...
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    limping - meloxicam / metacam

    Hello! My 3 year old scottish fold has been intermittently limping for probably the past 2 months, on and off, inconsistently. It's usually worse when he just wakes up, and then he walks the limp off, and then becomes okay. It hasn't affected his activities, still the same, he is still jumping...
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    Hi. i have a 2.8 years old (reaching 3 this coming may) scottish fold male. These past ~2 weeks, i have been noticing that he tends to have a random limp on his right hand/forefoot, especially after rest? but not immediately? From what' ive noticed it tends to be sleep -> walks around for ~ 3...
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    Sodium in cat food - tiki cat after dark

    Hello! I was wondering when we say a food has high sodium content, how high is high, how much is generally acceptable? Also, does anyone know how to calculate/ find out the sodium content/ know if its acceptable or on the higher end for Tiki Cat after dark canned cat food? Thank you!
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    Are these flowers poisonous??

    Hi, sorry i’m panicking right now. My cat got into this dried bouquet of flowers. he was left alone for 3 minutes max, and when i found him he was sniffing at the flower. i know absolutely nothing about flowers, are there any liliies in this mix or any other flower inhere are poisonous that i...
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    Hello! back for updates. He did a hypercalcaemia of malignancy panel. PTH and PTHRP were both very low, suggesting that it is likely idiopathic. The vet seems not to be too worried about his high creatinine just because his SDMA is within range. as for his calcium, she is suggesting a diet...
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    Just an update! I just went to another vet today to get a repeat Crea, ionized calcium and SDMA checked out. His SDMA is within the range at 11. Crea is still high - at 2.1 Ionized calcium unfortuntately, is also high at 1.73mmol/L (Range: 1.13-1.38) This vet managed to point out that there is...
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    I just came back from the vet with his urineanalysis. However.. the vet gave me an unreliable impression.. as the USG values kept changing and they had to keep printing new results for me upon retest. I'm not sure if this is standard practice, but from what i was explained to, they have 2...
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    Hi! Thanks for replying. She said his calcium might be a) due to dietary or b) idiopathic. She did ask me why i'm feeding more with freeze dried raw when i already feed high protein cannedfoods (ziwi peak and feline natural) and i was unable to respond.. For his freeze dried raw, i feed lamb...
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    Hello. I just came back from the vet with routine blood work done. I’m kind of really sad and taken aback right now so would appreciate if anybody can offer some insight into this matter! noted from the vet his CREA, BUN, and Calcium levels are raised. She sounded really concerned about his...
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    Is it okay to freeze canned food for the long term?

    Hi! Just wanted to ask, is there any harm if i were to portion out ziwipeak’s canned cat food into individual portions and freeze the portions? Because it tends to smell weird/ not as good by the time im finishing the can (less than 7 days as noted on the can), so im trying to freeze it and only...
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    Size of cat

    thanks everyone! i will be sure to get the vet's opinion the next time he goes for a check up. He's turning 2 this coming may! so slightly more than 1.5 years old at the moment! He's a scottish fold, so a mix between a scottish and a british shorthair! he's about 4.6 to 4.8kg these days.
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    Size of cat

    Hi, i just wanted to get other's opinions on the size of my cat. if he's a good size, or if i should increase his food, or reduce it. Attached are pictures from a few directions.
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    Trying to understand my cat - house moving

    Hi! This is not a thread to ask for advice or anything, because everything is okay now, but just thought i’d try to get some insight into the confusing mind of a cat. :yess: i was an international student when i got my cat, so my cat was overseas with me for about a year and a half. When i...
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    Opinion on this commercial raw?

    Thanks all! i will definitely be trying it then :)