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    How Pet Owners Name Their Cats - What's Your Style?

    Mine keep the names they had when i adopted them.
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    Question of the Day, Friday, May 29

    Or start talking so you can't hear the tv
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    Question of the day - Thursday 28 May

    Dean Stockwell as Al on Quantum Leap on the tv is wearing a read suit. Nothing else red i the vacinity.
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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - May 2020 - Slightly rude cats (either posture or attitude)

    Not an entry, but obnoxious behavior on the part of both cats. They are not in the picture, having scattered in all directions. A cat tree and some horseplay was involved.
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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - May 2020 - Slightly rude cats (either posture or attitude)

    ENTRY. I'm working from home. The flannel shirt in the picture is me. Austin: Get up woman! I want the chair now!
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    My cat needs his nails trimmed

    Thank you for the encouragement. I am still dithering....
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    My cat needs his nails trimmed

    I don't think Austin would mind too much, his foster mama started him when he was a kitten and he's really very easy to deal with. Let's me touch his paws and stuff. It's me who is a wuss about it and afraid to hurt him. My other cat Cricket would not let me I'm sure, but for some reason hers...
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    Shopping today....

    Speaking of not wearing masks, I made a trip to my Endocrinologist office because she was leaving a Trulicity sample for me ($500 a month, which I can't afford.) Sign on the door says wear a mask, everyone was wearing a mask. The girl behind the desk put on a heavy duty looking mask (m95?)...
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    Shopping today....

    I've been doing delivery. Last time I was in the parking lot of the grocery store (didn't go in) I saw maybe 3 people wearing masks. Was able to get toilet paper (limit 1) from Harris Teeter. No paper towels. I have gotten some small cubes of facial tissues here and there. I also got two small...
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    Weird eating behaviour

    Wet food or dry food? My RB kitty Cindy used to pull the kibble off the dish and eat it. We had a mat on the floor for her to do that. She also dipped her paw in the water bowl and drank off her paw. I miss that little sweetheart so much.
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    My cat needs his nails trimmed

    That's actually been my thought, to take him to the vet for them to do it. They do it free when you're in there for another reason, but I would gladly pay. The vet techs are coming to the car to get the cat and you have to wait in the car for them to finish, can't go in. I understand that...
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    Feeling nostalgic

    Congratulations and happy anniversary. This August hubby and I will have been married for 40 years. I hope you enjoy whatever celebration you do have.
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Religious people are mostly older?? And this virus is also killing young people so don't think you're safe if you're not old. Even if it doesn't kill you, it could leave permanent damage to your lungs, kidneys, etc. Young people are in ICU on ventilators. Young people are having strokes...
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, May 5

    Volunteer at a cat rescue.
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    Refuses wet food

    Have you experimented with all different brands / textures / flavors of the wet food? I have a very picky princess (Cricket) who refused absolutely everything until I tried Weruva Cats in the Kitchen - two flavors she will eat: Mack, Jack, and Skip; and Chick Magnet. She still doesn't eat a...