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    Senior kitty acts hungry but also acts constipated

    You might want to look into low phosphorus foods or foods made for older cats in the event his constipation is kidney related. My cat gets prescription food, but there are many lower phosphorus foods that aren’t prescription, like Weuva chicken Turkey topsy turvy.
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    Senior kitty acts hungry but also acts constipated

    Has your cat’s bloodwork been taken recently? Nausea and constipation are both signs of kidney disease, which often happens to older cats. Blockages can also hurt kidneys if there was any urine backing up. Has his urine output increased? If you haven’t run some bloodwork on him recently it might...
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    Cat with Stuffy Nose Won't Eat

    Hi, has your vet ever talked to you about famciclovir? Really kicked the herpes out of my cat. It’s an antiviral pill. Saved his eye and possibly his life. Not cheap, but still less expensive than a vet visit if you prefer vet around or have GoodRx.
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    Is it okay to let my cat outside once or twice a day?

    I wouldn’t let him loose. Can you build a catio?
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    Pointed Cats!

    Wow! Gorgeous!
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    Pointed Cats!

    This is Robin, a Ragamese, I guess they’d call it? He’s 8 now.
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    Coffee & Tea Talk

    What's your favorite cup of coffee like? Hi! Long time no visit. I like my coffee strong and sometimes flavored. Not dark roasted, something like a Colombian. Hazelnut, usually. But it has to be strong. I do prefer locally roasted, too, from the local coffee place in WVa.
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    Would you call her calico?

    I also think she looks like she could have point, or Ragdoll, but that’s just me. I’ve never seen a calico with coloring like hers. This is my brothers new kitten. Thank you!
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    Trust Your Gut!

    Aw. Did the vet suggest megacolon or ask you to give your cat anything to prevent a reoccurrence of her constipation?
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    Cat Peeing Problems!!

    I agree, go to the vet. Is she fixed, out of curiosity?
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    Cat Has Hard Lump In His Pouch

    I’m so glad you got this checked out. My worry was you were feeling hard stool in his colon, a sign of megacolon (being overweight is a risk factor). You did the right thing, and now you know a good vet for cats!!
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    Siamese Cat Driving Me Crazy! Normal Behavior Or Demanding?

    Try one of those electric butterfly toys or another interactive toy. She’s used to being outside where stuff moves, not just stuffed toys.
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    What’s The Best Cat Litter?

    I really like this litter.
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    Something In Your Kitchen (a-z)