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    Breeder Question

    How many kings & queens are too many for a breeder to have? Concerned that this breeder has WAY too many and are there any laws against this? From my count there are 8 Kings & 19 Queens. there are probably more.
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    Changing Sheets & Folding Laundry

    Cats LOVE to help you make the bed! When I remove the dirty sheets, my cat is always there to help. She like to get under them and I play with her a little at that time. I call her to help me make the bed when I put the clean sheets on and she comes a running. She jumps on the bed and loves...
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    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2021

    It warmed up over night and it is now 61 and raining - storms forecasted and may be severe. Sun is supposed to be out this afternoon and high close to 70 F. I live in Tennessee. Really nice weather for the 1st day of January.
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    What's The Last Thing You Ate - 2021

    Last night - Wendy's Single Hamburger & split fries with hubby!
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    Trying to figure out water drinking behavior

    I use the Neater Feeder for dry food and it works great. Prevents lots of messes.
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    8 month old female cat

    Vets are spaying during the Covid crisis. I just adopted a kitten that was spayed before we got her. If your vet will not do it, I would contact another vet who will. You need to get this done ASAP.
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    Trying to figure out water drinking behavior

    Both of my cats LOVE the water fountain and drink a lot of water from it. I have had the Parner fountain for about 3 years with no problems. We clean it weekly and change the filter monthly. But, when it dies I am going to replace it with a ceramic one, more costly but better for kitties.
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    Cats all over the kitchen

    We discourage them from jumping on the countertop with the cooktop for obvious reasons and that has worked. But, we let them get on the table and the other counter tops. Maybe that is why they do not try the stovetop counter. I just keep the counters clean all the time. They really do not...
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    New Kitten in the House

    Thanks, that makes sense!
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    New Kitten in the House

    Thanks for all the comments. We are doing everything that you have suggested. We are very loving and tender with both cats. Jewels is hyper and more aggressive being a kitten and all. When Phoebe does get so aggravated with her that she jumps on her and pins her down and does a soft bite on...
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    New Kitten in the House

    No they do not play together. Phoebe watches when I play with Jewels. Jewels loves to play and Phoebe plays a couple of times a day. If Jewels happens to get close to Phoebe during play there is a fight. Phoebe has taken to slapping Jewels hard and biting her - not drawing blood. Phoebe is...
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    New Kitten in the House

    I've tried just about everything I know to try and read every article I can find and nothing is working. Jewels the kitten runs after Phoebe and jumps on her and Phoebe DOES NOT LIKE IT! I am beginning to think they will never bond and Phoebe just does not like the new kitten. Maybe Phoebe...
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    New Kitten in the House

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    New Kitten in the House

    Hi there and Merry Christmas! I am new here and want to introduce myself. It is just me (Vickie) and DH (Lynn) with a 3-1/2 year old Ragamuffin (Phoebe) and a new 4 month old Ragdoll, Jewels. We have had Jewels for a little over a month now and have some behavior problems we are trying to...