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    Intro of a new not totally tame kitty

    I don't have a ton of experience, but I think it can take however long you think x 100. I found that I kept expecting things to go faster than they did.
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    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On TCS - 2022

    Looking for a remote job so I can spend more time with my kittehs!
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    Help identifying a cat tree?

    Ah -- I suspect you are interested in the double-bed corner situation. I have recently scoured the whole planet (well, much of the internet) for cat trees and never saw a vendor who ships to the US with a double-bed corner one. I wonder if you cold get two and arrange them together?
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    Volume of Wet Food vs. Dry Food

    Very helpful. I evaluate carbs on a Dry Matter Basis and have only been feeding Weruva (only a few varieties that are lower in carbs), TikiCat, and some FF Classic pates (with the lowest carbs). We have some kibble to get rid of (yes, I could donate it back, but it's a long story why it would be...
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    Question of The Day. Sunday December 26th

    I MUST relax because January 3 starts our VERY busy season at work and I am SOOOOO burned out!
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    Volume of Wet Food vs. Dry Food

    Oooooh. I am REALLY glad I asked. They have been taking in too many calories, for sure. Yikes. Fixing that now . . . Edited to add: I don't think I was TOO far off with the canned I've been feeding. It's hard to keep them from nudging in on each other's bowls, but I think we are pretty close...
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    Volume of Wet Food vs. Dry Food

    I have been reading that a recommended amount of food is 1 oz / # of (ideal) bodyweight / day. Is that for both dry and wet? Would a 9# cat be eating 3 cans of 3oz per day? Or a big can of 6 oz and another can of 3 oz? I have 3 cats & you can see the volume of cans this creates . . . also, they...
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    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    I'm on it!
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    Dr Elsey's Clean Protein Chicken- Shortage

    We are also hunting the DE Chicken . . . I have been feeding the DE's turkey and rabbit (though I am not happy about the chickpeas) in very small amounts because they LOOOOOVE kibble (we mostly feed wet -- they occasionally get a handful of kibble as a small snack).
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    Opinions on Feliway to address Improper Elimination

    I just want to second this -- I found that it just reduces my anxiety about all of it -- which, in turn, reduced the cat anxiety! They are pricey at some stores (even at Target the least expensive was $30!), but I also got on on a certain on-line mega retailer for about $15 and it nicely does...
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    Looking for support/ adopted semi-feral cat

    OH, yes! I can identify with worming medication fails. I actually think we have been struggling with Giardia, but for a looooong list of reasons, getting an actual stool sample reviewed wasn't going to happen & Giardia doesn't reliably turn up in a sample anyway. Many of the Giardia meds are...
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    Have You Seen "Cat People" on Netflix?

    It's kinda kooky, but just the right amount of sweet & strange.
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    Have You Seen "Cat People" on Netflix?

    If so, what's your favorite episode? I think I liked TrapKing and God's Little People.
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    Dr Elsey's clean protein chicken-dry

    Yeah . . . I guess I will continue to try to find the Chicken & hoard it (??) I'm kidding, but . . . only a little bit. I am feeding Weruva wet almost exclusively (for three of them, and I am trying to keep up with the VOLUME of food and the expense, honestly), but the LOVE the kibble. We call...
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    Dr Elsey's clean protein chicken-dry

    OMG. I just looked and the Turkey formula has dried chickpeas as the 7th ingredient. I'm horrified.