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    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Cream Cheese & Ham sandwich + Shrimp flavoured Ramen Noodles last night :)
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    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    I had spread on Friday (Ramen noodles mixed w/ chili), Tacos on Saturday, and Steak and sauteed mushrooms on Saturday :)
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    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Had microwave chicken and stars soup, some leftover to-go barbecue ribs and a few bites of mac and cheese, we weren't cooking anything specific. Moo-llennium crunch ice cream for dessert :)
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    You know you have a cat when...

    Your window blinds are broken
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    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Last night we made Chicken nuggets, fried cheese, chicken strips, corn and mashpotatos :) just frozen and easy to make stuff, nothing too fancy, I also made the last cup of chicken rice and vegetables before we cooked>:)
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    You know you have a cat when...

    My folded clothes are no longer neatly stacked and folded.
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    Explain your cat's name

    'Milo' is the name he had when we got him from a friend :) We didn't change it cause he already knew his name, but he did have a nickname 'Mimi' from a little girl he lived with, we didn't call him that much so it seems he had forgotten the name, his new nicknames are 'Cat' and 'Milo (My little)...
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    What ridiculous things do you say to your cat?

    I'll just call Milo by saying "Cat". I'll walk up to him, "cat" then just start petting him :) Or sometimes I'll pick him up like a baby and just tell him that he has a little kitten face! Other than "Cat", I'll call him "Milo Kitty" in a way that sounds like "My little kitty"! :)
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    How does your cat wake you up

    The thing is... My cat doesn't wake me up :) My mom puts him on my bed and lets him walk all over me and make biscuits on my chest :lol:
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    What is Your Cat Obsessed With?

    So when we run out of cat food, we don't buy more until the day after. So when Milo is hungry we'll give him chicken breast from our grocery store, he loves it and it's the only other thing he'll eat!