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    Post your white cats here

    Yours has the same eyes as mine, one blue one yellow,
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    New Kitten

    also she is our first female kitten we were going to let her have a litter but I've decided against that as i think i want her to have a litter because kittens are cute but i realise thats me being selfish so what age can i get her spayed? and before anyone asks all my boys are neutered.
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    New Kitten

    Hello everyone, I have 4 cats already and tomorrow my new kitten moves in, I'm just looking for some advise really on how to introduce them, how to keep the kitten indoors while the others can go in and out freely, being that it is summer i really dont want to keep the older 4 cooped up indoors...
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    Is it unhealthy

    Splodge spreads his toes out and the grips on like a baby would hold your finger,
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    complete crazy cat lady

    this is why i fell in love at first sight with Reggie
  6. HA8C52~1.JPG


  7. HA0E3E~1 (2).JPG

    HA0E3E~1 (2).JPG

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  9. ebay and reggie 054.JPG

    ebay and reggie 054.JPG

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  11. complete crazy cat lady

    complete crazy cat lady

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    complete crazy cat lady

    Here you go so there's..... SPLODGE MOWGLI REGGIE and the old boy BBWE
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    stuff 011.JPG

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    Copy of halloween 075.jpg