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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, September 28, 2022

    My dressing gown. I'm going to ask to be buried in it when the time comes, it's pratically glued onto me anyway.
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    Question of the day - Thursday 1 September

    Errr..... Booshes that are very mighty.
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    My daughter's new kittens.

    I know. In the words of my old teacher, I "Must try harder."
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    My daughter's new kittens.

    My daughter got these two today-Navy and Cobie.
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    "All good pals and jolly good company." (Post yours)

    Big dog Chase with Betty and Oliver, sharing a peaceful moment.
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    Is it normal to get as worried about your cat as you would a family member?

    I understand how you feel. Snuffy is obviously your soul cat as is Oliver for me. I worry about things that haven't happened yet so that how much these little creatures can affect us. If more people loved animals like we do on here, I'm sure it would make for better human relations all round...
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    Hey, I'm new here. This is my princess!

    So, everything is as it should be. :) It's a similar story here!
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    Cat seizure

    I've only just read this and I'm very sorry to hear it. Hopefully it's a one off event. We can talk next time we meet.
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    question of the day Friday june 17,2022

    "Of course I haven't forgotten." (panic, panic)
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    Cats in the greenery (post yours)

    That's cool. I'd say spaceship.
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    Cats in the greenery (post yours)

    In response to the No-Mow-May campaign in the UK (is it elswhere)? I let a part of my garden go wild to help the little creatures, mainly pollenating insects and flowers. Here's Bettie in the grass up to no good probably.
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    Post The Last Picture Of Your Cat You Took

    Just took this. Betty and Chubchub taming a wild animal.