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    Featured September 2021 Picture of the Month Competition: Begging Cats

    Entry- Oliver. "Please, I'm begging you. I need treats. Just pop them in my mouth, I'm too tired to get up."
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    New to the site, and here are my fur babies

    Welcome and don't lose that photo! :itslove: I'm sure it will come in handy some day for one of the photo competitions.
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    I've found a solution for male baldness (tee hee)

    Ok, something like these? Oh yeah, I'll go with that.
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    I've found a solution for male baldness (tee hee)

    I was innocently getting on with my job a while back when a female colleague showed me some hair extensions that she was giving away due to them being the wrong colour for her. She then looked at my head and said, "I wonder if they would attach to your sparse locks." They did in fact so we did...
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    Let's see your cat decor

    Let's see your cat decor. The wooden ones are my brother's and the Royal Crown Derby one is mine.
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Chubchub stole Oliver's box for a snooze. Oliver seemed cool about it though. And another of Oliver having a kip.
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    Betty's Straight Legs (post Your Straight Leggers)

    :hearthrob::redheartpump::hearthrob::redheartpump::hearthrob::redheartpump::hearthrob::redheartpump: A beautiful puddy cat. That first photo is the 'straight legger' gold standard. The second photo is just too darned cute, and she knows it.
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    what are some things that you are very passionate about?

    I try my best to fight the deluge of conspiracy and anti-science theories that are gaining traction everywhere. I'm shocked at just how many otherwise reasonable people are taken in by them so it seems to be a losing battle sometimes. I sometimes attempt a line such as this: Theory a. Vaccine x...
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    Entry. My daughter and Oliver sharing the luuurrrv.
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    Mirror and cat

    We've all seen cats and mirror vids I'm sure but this one is a little different I thought.
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, April 13

    Scary may not be the best word to describe it but it will do. An animal that's been suddenly injured emits a very disturbing sound especially if the onus is on onesself to attempt a remedy with no re-assuring professionals around to take charge. I'm talking dogs and cats mainly.
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    What Job Should You Really Have?

    Celebrity librarian! Is that an oxymoron?
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    Second best (post yours)

    What do your cats do when you're temporarily unavailable to do their bidding? When I'm on the laptop, Oliver tucks himself next to me more or less on my left shoulder with his cheek touching mine. I caught him the other day doing this as a sort of second best to me being with him. Big dog Chase...
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    I might pop!

    Is it possible to burst with accumulated love? I've said this before about my tribe that although Betty and Chubchub are very very loved, Oliver has taken it to a different level. The fondness grows and grows each day so I'm now worried that I will explode. Is that possible? ;) Is any one else...
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    YouTube surfing (and thanks Australia)

    I think you've said it, muscle memory plus practice, practice, practice and more practice. I would ask my brother who's a musician (guitar) but started on the drums but he's away at the moment.