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  1. Mer.kitten

    I Has An Expresshun!

    And now, deeeep thoughts with Honeybunny
  2. Mer.kitten

    Favorite attribute of your cat(s)?

    I love that Honeybunny always wants to sleep next to me-not just at night. It could be 2pm, she'll be chillin on the floor doing whstever, and i'll feel a little tired so ill lay down on our big couch-and she'll literally look up like "oh! She's laying down!" And come jump on the couch and lay...
  3. Mer.kitten

    The Face I Love

    Your Bourbon is gorgeous! This is my Honeybunny, found on the streets. Aside from my first cat love, my childhood cat Susie, HB is my heart cat. Ive never had a cat who makes eye contact like she does-she'll just gaze up at me like she really sees me. Shes got the sweetest purrsonality-if she...
  4. Mer.kitten

    Leo Loves The Coffee Table

    And why wouldnt he, he looks like a lion on a throne!
  5. Mer.kitten

    There's A New Cat In Town

    Wow, what a gorgeous kitty! Whats his purrsonality like? My Grandma had a Maine coon and he was the sweetest most laid back cat.
  6. Mer.kitten

    Cats Refusing To Play

    That pic is the epitome of ....really? :lol:
  7. Mer.kitten

    Happy Gotcha Day Honeybunny!

    Thank you so much, HB sends headbutts your way :) =^..^=
  8. Mer.kitten

    Happy Gotcha Day Honeybunny!

    Thanks everyone! We celebrated with a steak dinner and she got some of my rib cap steak-ive never seen her chow down so enthusiastically before, she loved it (it was
  9. Mer.kitten

    Don't Know What To Do - Venting

    Idk how much this will help, but its all ive got: Did you ever notice how a cat in need of help will sometimes go viral? We see pics, learn its story, and a few days later we hear 1000 peoole have submitted applications to adopt said animal. My idea is this: instead of saying "i have four cats...
  10. Mer.kitten

    Happy Gotcha Day Honeybunny!

    Sure :) Oct 1, 2017 i was driving in downtown San Francisco (i live here), and pulled over for a phone call, next to a vacant lot. Ater the call i was about to drive off when i saw something black moving in the empty lot and realized it was a kitty. I almost never see cats, stray or otherwise...
  11. Mer.kitten

    Happy Gotcha Day Honeybunny!

    When i found you you were a lil worse for wear, and i was not looking for a pet... but i couldnt just leave you. So i took you home, thinking i'd find a shelter to take you to in the next few days. Two years later.... youre still here, keeping my pillow warm :) I went to give her scritches and...
  12. Mer.kitten

    Call Me Crazy, But I Like...

    Doing laundry. The ryhymic hum of the washer, the soft whap-whap-whap of the dryer, the sweet smell of the dyer sheets, the feeling of taking care of my family. Rain. Maybe its bc i live in the bay area and have for a while and it barely rains here, but i love rain and thunderstorms. The way...
  13. Mer.kitten

    My Cat Has A Second Home

    I had this situation for a couple years. The cat was definitely the neightbors, but i saw her in my backyard a lot. One day i had the door propped open bc it waa nice out and she wandered in, i gave her some pets, and she settled in my lap and took a 20 min nap! I was like, awwwww, lol. Afyer...
  14. Mer.kitten

    How Should I Deal After A Bad Experience With My Cat?

    Just want to let ypu know ive been there and i understand completely. Until youve been in that situation, ypu DONT understand how dangerous and terrifying it is, and i myself had to deal with judgmental and condescending words from people who just didnt understand that this isnt an angry cat...
  15. Mer.kitten

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Why are cats so adorable curled up in a ball?