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    post funny cat picture and memes here

    NEVER disturb a sleeping cat!
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    Lofty thoughts on DIY sifting Iitterbox?

    Trouble & Trix plant extract natural pellets.
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    What colour is my unusual Menzies?

    The photos actually make her look more brown than she is. It's more of a pinkish/purplish/greyish brown. If that makes sense. 😄
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    What colour is my unusual Menzies?

    Anything is possible! Could that also explain her extraordinarily silky fur? She's like no cat I've ever patted - and I've patted a few! 😄
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    What colour is my unusual Menzies?

    I'd describe her darkest parts as dark slate grey. I have a black cat as well, so it's easy to compare. She also has this purplish lavender like tone, though. Does that happen in blue cats?
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    What colour is my unusual Menzies?

    I have no idea. Menzies was rescued by a TNR group from a suburban cat colony at the age of 6 months. She may have been dumped. So her history and ancestry could be anything. I was her foster Mum.
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    What colour is my unusual Menzies?

    Her fur is also as silky as you could possibly imagine - she keeps it immaculate condition - when she's giving herself a bath you can hear her slurping, and she becomes visibly wet.
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    What colour is my unusual Menzies?

    People frequently comment on how unusual the colour of my cat Menzies. I've described her on her registration as slate grey smoke with stripes and spots. Recently, I've been trying to work out the formal description. I've come up with something that I don't know is even possible. Blue and...
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    Help! Is my cat a Ragdoll or a Himalayan?

    Gosh she's beautiful, whatever she is! 😍
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    Black & White Cats Only

    Yes, I think so! 😊
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    Where Do You Keep The Litter Box?

    I have three litter boxes in the bathroom, an extra in the hallway, and covered one in the living room in Menzies' territory, because she likes her privacy. I used to have 6 (for 5 cats), but found they all (except Menzies) preferred to share the same three litter boxes, so all I was doing was...
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    Decoding Cat Signals

    Interested, but a little nervous/cautious as well.
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    Holiday Vaca Conundrum - Bring them or leave home?

    Depends on the cat. I've taken 2 cats with me when I've visited the parents (a 500km drive), where we stay in the flat with attached garage. Pounce meows nearly the whole way (she hates being in a cage). Snuffles always messes himself, so I have to stop & change the absorbent pad in his cage...
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    Lofty thoughts on DIY sifting Iitterbox?

    I bought a sifting litterbox (not cheap, as you say). It's great, but I've found it still takes a bit of energy (that I don't have) to use. However, I've now found the perfect clumping flushable litter. It literally dissolves in water! So now I have three of the litterboxes in the bathroom and...