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    Seizures and agoaphobia in cats

    The vet took the blood test which were all negative. Her seizures are few and far between. They last under a minute at a time. She has had seven this year, one in july one in august and five in October. The vet thinks its not a tumor since she is so young. No medicine is given because she...
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    Seizures and agoaphobia in cats

    My two year old Savannah cat has seizures. It seems to be linked with being in a new place, or outside. Any info on this? The blood tests came back negative, so the Dr thinks she has epilepsy but the seizure only occured in new situations or places.
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    Has This Cat's Ear Been Snipped?

    Once i had a cat whos ears got so cold from being outside that the tip fell off. No joke, this was in Montreal, the winters there get to minus 50 Celcious with the wind
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    black specks on my white sheets but no fleas in the comb? using d-earth

    Nutritional yeast aka engevita
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    black specks on my white sheets but no fleas in the comb? using d-earth

    I have not tried this on the cats, but I think getting a mustard container for control of useing it will make it an option. So far I just used it for silverfish, sprinkling it at the edge of a wall where I see them, ants,... Also the whole family consumed it as a detox, Even a neighbour here...
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    Side of cat's face is swollen

    My neighbour had an old cat with absess and she managed to drain it herself, i wonder if you can try and drain it with someone comforting her. Maybe use a clean needle like the kind they sell for diabetics called lancettes. Or if there is a video on how to drain an absess. If all fails, try...
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    I think there are kittens stuck in our walls please help!

    this happened to my friends sister, they had to take a hammer and saw and cut an opening then the cat came out and they adopted her.
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    Question of the Day, Sunday, May 15, 2016

    Cat burglar
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    Kitty litter everywhere!

    I use a large storage box with the top having a large enough space cut out so the cats can jump on top of the box then into it. All litter remains in the box. Idea I got through a breeder. It's a lot cleaner. Kinda like the dome litter box but with the hole on top. We used a mini saw to cut a...
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    Post your favorite photo of your cat!

    She-she and Khaleesi
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