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    How often should a neighbour pop in when I'm away?

    Two times a day (morning and evening) for at least 10-15 minutes would be best, imo — gives a chance to check the place over, clean litter boxes, provide water, and give kitty some socialisation and play time. If possible, having someone come in during the day, as well, would be good, especially...
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    Feline herpes help

    They work differently (different mechanism of action + l-lysine is an amino acid, while beta glucan is a sugar (a polysaccharide, specifically)), but they have similar effect in aiding the immune system. That said, there’s more research on L-lysine use in cats, so that’s why it tends to be...
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    Feline herpes help

    If you’re in Serbia, you might be best off getting the human version of the supplement, and dosing as @di and bob has mentioned, if you can find human L-lysine in that dosage. That said, this Serbian pet shop sells these beta glucan tablets for cats, which is also considered good for immune...
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    Feline herpes help

    Where are you located? There are many L-lysine options for cats, both in powder and treat form. I’ll link a few popular supplements below. If they’re not in stock on Amazon, you can probably get them on Chewy. If you’re in Europe, check out Zooplus...
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    Ragdoll Kitten Colours

    It’s too early to tell from the kittens, themselves, imo. The possibilities depends on the ancestors of your cats, though. Namely whether your girl has the dilute gene, whether she has one or two copies of agouti, and whether she carries cinnamon. Also depends on whether your stud carries...
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    Getting cat's blood work for anesthesia tomorrow, will it pick up on any heart issues?

    If breathing at rest is normal, I wouldn’t worry too much. Bloodwork won’t pick up most heart issues, though — you need a ultrasound(ECG) for that.
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    Whats my cats breed?

    Looks like a red broken (the interrupted stripes along the body) mackerel tabby domestic shorthair, to me :> most cats aren’t any specific breed, or a mix of breed, they’re just cats. Doesn’t make them any less special, though!
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    Help me choose from these brands, please

    Your average vet doesn’t know much about nutrition, sadly — only vets that specialise in nutrition or holistic care will really get any real education about it, to my knowledge. I know several really good vet nutritionists in my area that will formulate diets tailored to your cat, whether based...
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    How do I stop mother cat from relentlessly stealing food?

    Has she been checked over by a vet recently and wormed? Her being super hungry, to a point, is normal. Is she getting any high caloric load kitten wet food (specifically wet food, as it’s more satiating than dry)? Has she gotten any KMR or goat milk? Both are calorically dense, and will provide...
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    Help me choose from these brands, please

    Heya! Pretty much all of these look good, though if possible, I’d contact the companies, see if any use guar gum — with Musiaka’s sensitivities, might be a good idea to avoid it, see if it helps his tummy troubles any. I’m sceptical of the Nutrilove (doesn’t specify what animal protein they use...
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    Frequent bowel movement

    Ideal diet for diabetic/pre-diabetic/high blood glucose cats are high protein, low carb. So all you really need is something your cat will eat with minimal tummy upset that has a minimum amount of fillers :> Some other good brands you might find where you are in Europe include Thrive, Feringa...
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    Frequent bowel movement

    You’re doing the best you can by Musiaka, I’m sure — don’t blame yourself for trying your best to give him a good life! Definitely have him seen for peace of mind, regardless. In terms of food availability — are you able to order from Zooplus? They have a lot of quality brands on there, and...
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    I have taken in a stray - Wondering if it is male or female?

    Looks like a neutered (or very young) male to me.
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    Featured Singleton aggressive anti social behavior

    How old is the kitten? What have you tried to resolve his behaviour? Playing rough is pretty typical for kittens. I’m certain his mother would discipline him if he was actually out of line when playing with her.
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    What sex is my cat?

    Looks like a male to me, probably unneutered, given his age. The opening under his anus is too low for it to be a girl, and you can pretty distinctly see a scrotum.