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    Alternatives/ ideas to using exam gloves when caring for ferals?

    Right now I can't get a hold of gloves. We have 8 indoor cats and a couple of ferals outside. I did use nitrile/ latex or polyurethane gloves regularly to clean up after foster cats, trapped ferals etc. But now I can't find boxes of gloves anywhere. For my personal cats (again 8) I am using...
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    What's your most questionable quarantine purchase?

    For food? We have been ordering from Costco so just giant amounts of things like sardines and canned tuna. Questionable purchase- I bought a voice mod soundboard for online streaming etc. That was way out of character for how I typically spend, but both my husband and I will use it and we are...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 28th of March

    Seeing my elderly parents! Socializing, going to the beach, having parties at home. There's a wedding coming up this summer not sure if that will go off or not. Basically looking forward to being around crowds and people- hugging and kissing family and friends again.
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    Question of the Day - Monday, March 16th, 2020

    I've started playing games online through virtual table-tops. I had plans over the weekend but they were cancelled and now our area is pretty well shut-down. So, it looks like virtual interaction is the way it's going to be until...well...until it's not. I wish I had gone to the store before...
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    Bullying or terrible two's?

    I mean mount as in dominance not sexual. The cats are the same age though- littermates. Just one male is smaller than the troublesome boy. He has stopped attempting to mount the small female. Thankfully there has been some peace in the house since he gave up on her- but she did come out the...
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    Bullying or terrible two's?

    Yeah, he is definitely trying to become the alpha cat. I've had my share of fosters and rescues and have introduced a lot of cats but this is something new to me. I don't know if that's because with fostering the cats go up for adoption before they get this old or when I rescue it's generally...
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    Bullying or terrible two's?

    I know I haven't posted in a while. Been so busy with holidays, family and new creative pursuits. And it's winter so we get the break of having to TnR. Our colony is down to two- yes two fixed cats (praise Bast). My issue is with a boy we adopted a few months ago. He's reaching one year (in...
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    The -- Yum!! Or Ick!!-- Game

    Yuck. Sweet potato fries?
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    The -- Yum!! Or Ick!!-- Game

    Yum- why not Figs?
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    Abandoned Cat ("Neigborhood Pet") Ethics on Adoption?

    Can someone in the neighborhood keep her in for a few days? I realize you are new to the neighborhood but if you've talked to people enough to know that some have tried to adopt her before and keep her in- then some of them might be willing to try again or at least try just until you get your...
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    Yes that is a beautiful song!
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    The age old debate about letting your cat out

    I personally don't feel that it is. Humans have agency. We can comprehend dangers that cats cannot. Take Deer for example. Thier brains cannot process speeds over their own max speed- for that is the limit of physics according to them. So they use their judgement based off the knowledge of...
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    Quite honestly I'm not there yet. So probably it'd be Gloria Gaynor singing "I will Survive" because I know I have all that shopping to do and the paycheck doesn't come in for another week so it's all going to be last minute. But yeah, I'll be feeling great because how could you not when...
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    how to deal with a serial killer cat

    :( I hate to say it but eating kills does not equal breath of death- sounds like a vet visit is in order to check dental health. Back in the day (before it was common to keep cats wholly indoors) when even I let cats be indoor/outdoor and had successful rabbit/ squirrel and bird killers they...
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    Finding a cat sitter

    If you got the cat from a shelter or rescue I'd call them. Your vet would also be a good source. I would not go with a teen neighbor for a duration of that long. Get a crazy cat-man/ cat lady in there. They will be able to say if there are litter box habit changes, vomit reports, if the...