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    Cat started biting, cause for concern?

    I have a similar problem, so I will be interested in the replies to your post. My older adopted tabby bites and scratches. She's getting better but it's still a serious problem.
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    Comment by 'marianc' in article 'Cat Fleas'

    In my area at least (the Columbia River Gorge area in WA and OR), Advantage and Frontline are not working. My vet recommended Revolution, which is expensive but works.
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    Help Reintroducing Traumatized Cat

    I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time -- you and the cats. What other interactions have Daemon and Sylvester had over the 2 days Sylvester has been home? You only give one example and it's possible that Daemon may not have been the cause of Sylvester's losing bowel control.
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    Biting my nose

    I used to have a neutered Tabby whom I adored. He would wake me every day by biting my nose gently. I thought of it as mating behavior and was flattered. I sympathize with the people whose noses and other body parts are getting crunched.
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    Scratching Posts Never Get Used

    Oriental RUG. lol Never fear, abyeb, I clip the claw tips only. I want to get rid of the chair because it's too big for my little apt. and it's half-broken so that all it does is roll up and down your back. The Shiatsu massage action broke. Tasha has settled in several places around the room...
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    Crying All Night

    Where is your cat sleeping? It sounds as if she may be in another room with the door closed. I'm no authority, and moorspede probably knows more than I. FWIW, I let my cat sleep in the bed with me when she wants to. Generally she sleeps across the room in a particular chair. For perspective, the...
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    Scratching Posts Never Get Used

    I tried all of that and it didn't work for Tasha. I clip her claws regularly so she can't hurt my Oriental. She has taken to scratching on my massage chair, which is covered in microsuede (is that the right word?) and which I'm planning to get rid of. I'm allowing her to claw the chair. It's...
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    Loves being wheeled

    The cat on the Roomba is hilarious. I love the grocery-store video and seeing how they staged it. Fascinating and fun. I see that it has gotten 13,373,518 views.
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    Scratching Posts Never Get Used

    There's another discussion of this problem in Cat Behavior. See below: Bought my cat a new scratching post he won't use, help!
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    How to guide a cat on a leash

    Thanks, moorspede and newyork1303. I can tell from this discussion that when people talk about walking a cat, they mean something entirely different from walking a dog. It seems to be more of like "strolling with a cat." I don't have the space or privacy to stroll with Tasha. Here's something...
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    Comment by 'marianc' in article 'Is Your Cat Overweight?'

    Unable to find PetsMart cat breeds directory. They may have removed it.
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    Bougtht my cat a new scratching post he won't use, help!

    I read mommawolf's comment more carefully and saw that she bought the valerian spray at, which is in the U.K. has two sprays, one and two. Anyone used silver vine sticks?
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    How to guide a cat on a leash

    I would like to walk my cat. I live in an apt. complex. I was thinking of walking her at night when few people and dogs are around. I'm going to get her a harness. I'm wondering what I'm going to do if another cat approaches us or my cat Tasha gets scared of something else. Can I lift her with...
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    Comment by 'marianc' in article 'Cat Aggression Toward People'

    I have an adopted 5-yr-old tabby. After 2 weeks of bliss, she suddenly started biting and scratching me while I was petting her. I tried everything described in the article about dealing with biting from over-stimulation, which is what my vet said it was. None of it worked. I got a spray bottle...
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    Bougtht my cat a new scratching post he won't use, help!

    This is my first post, so hello to everyone. I have the same problem with my adopted 5-yr.-old tabby, Tasha. I've had her for 5 months. I clip Tasha's front-paw nails regularly so she can't do too much damage to my rugs and carpeting. Although she didn't care for the dried catnip I'd offered...