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    Question of the Day - July 4, 2022

    swimming pool butterfly highest roller coaster super rainy day at an amusement park winter weather all year round
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    Kuro is gone

    I am very sorry for your loss. Kuro was a handsome boy. You loved and cared for him with all the best that you have got, and for that, he is eternally grateful. Hang in there. If you need anyone to talk to, just drop a message or two.
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    What does my sweet kitten look like?

    Thank you for adopting him. He looks like one of my fosters before that I also grew very fond of. Keep us updated. Yay!
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    What does my sweet kitten look like?

    Look at those ears! Love them! :redheartpump: :redheartpump: :redheartpump: I agree. He is a handsome boy! What is his name?
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    Zeus got him six years ago today

    Oof! I am late! :redheartpump: :redheartpump: HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, BEAUTIFUL BOY ZEUS! He looks like a ton of personalities! :)
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    Hi guys!

    Happy to hear from you again!
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    Welcome to TCS! :heartshape:We are happy you are all here and joined the site! My, oh my! Such beautiful cats you got there.:redheartpump:
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    No, he is a different cousin. I have 2 cousins here overseas. This one who got sick refused to talk to us in years, for reasons we do not know of. I tried reaching out to him before on several occasions but he always had an excuse not to see us. We found out that he was in the hospital from...
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, July 3

    The moment I get home and my cats are not all present to welcome me, I search for them before I even change to my house clothes. It is also the same before I leave for work in the morning. I do a roll call and if any one is "missing", I'd search around the house just to make sure they are all there.
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    Didn't think about that. Probably you're right, because when I got back home last night she started "talking and talking" again from the time I entered the door until before sleeping. I had to beg her to shut up. LOL. And she ate a lot last night. In fact, wanted for more. I was so happy...
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    1 year on

    This hit me right in the heart. I can almost feel your sadness. One of our cats, Pepsi, passed away last February while I was working overseas. Last April I finally came home for a short vacation in my country and still hoped that Pepsi would be right there waiting for me as usual. When he was...
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    Question of the day Friday July 1 2022

    Grumpy. :lol:
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    Question of the Day, Saturday the 2nd of July, 2022

    Me too, and anything else grilled. :)
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    Considering A Dog, Interested In Best Practices For Successfully Introducing Her To Catses

    Yes, I agree with the slow introductions, and when they finally come together in one room, should be supervised for the time being, until you know all is safe. It will work out fine. Just give them time to be familiar with each other. Thank you for adopting the dog. I love dogs too. I have 4...