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    Bellatrix and Lizzy say hi.

    Such beauties! Welcome to TCS!
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    Welcome to TCS! :hellocomputer:
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    Question of the Day, Friday, September 10

    I did the same as you a few years ago. I do some e-cards, though. Today's Mother-In-Law's birthday,so I wished her a happy birthday on Facebook, and will send her an e-card. And the world hasn't come to an end, LOL! I secretly believe that many people are relieved that they no longer have to...
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    Pickles and me!

    :redheartpump: :redheartpump: :redheartpump:what a cute little photobomber!
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    Question of the Day, Friday, August 20

    They are beautiful, Pam!
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    Question of the Day - Monday, August 23, 2021

    In the school library. I now work in a library, LOL!
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    Hello from the Big Apple!

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    The last thing you bought on Amazon....

    I just bought a tube of wood filler, Zinsser odor-blocking primer (painting 2nd-hand electric fireplace mantel), and and gold paint/wax for gilding my jewelry boxes. Exciting, I know! :lol:
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    Question of the day - Thursday 12 August

    I am the youngest of four, and the only girl. My brothers are 20,18, and 8 years older.
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    New Bed Linen. Help Me Choose.

    #2. I like purple!
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    Question of The Day. Sunday 15th of August.

    I was in my high chair, eating yellow cake, with white icing on its tray. I remember my (much-much older) brother, standing by the back door (it was in the kitchen), with sunlight coming in, and he turned to smile at someone. He was being deployed, and wearing his Air Force uniform. I also...
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    New member here

    You're welcome! We're so glad to have you be part of the family. :hellocomputer:
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    Question of The Day. Sunday 25th of July

    I've learned to like many of them. I'm fond of spiders, as long as they don't touch me. Which is good, since the corner of my office where my pc is seems to be a spider nursery. We have lots in our downstairs bathroom, too. DH got me liking them. He won't kill them. I've learned to accept...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, July 12, 2021

    No. Nobody really knows what my due date was. Mom had uterine cancer while pregnant with me, and didn't know it. She had stopped menstruating a couple of months before she actually became pregnant, and assumed (I was not planned) that she was pregnant, and I was due in early May. Dad even wrote...
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    New Furmily Member

    Welcome to TCS! Brix is beautiful