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    Chatty Kitty

    Yes food is often the main reason and she likes a consistent routine. Other times she seems to be wanting attention, maybe to play.
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    Chatty Kitty

    Our Mango isn’t always chatty but when she wants something she can be. Does she get what she wants here? Well hint my wife was talking with her.. What does your cat chat about?
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    Mango shows off her goalie skills

    On this particular day Mango was at her best with the old familiar game. We knew cats have skilled paws but the head moves are so interesting. She’s really into it. 😀
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    Happy Valentines Day!

    Better late than never.
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    Cat Formerly Terrified Of The Vacuum (Wait for It)

    Lovely video. Learning the joys of the belly vacuum.
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    Cat Food Recall Recalled Cat Food Updates

    Thanks for this information. We never knew it was an issue for cat food although it’s been a problem in general for a long time. Aflatoxin is a potent carcinogen that can have long term effects in all animals including humans.
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    Mango spooked by something but focused

    I think so. Ours runs from a doorbell ring.
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    Oral cancer -- advice for end of life care?

    Good news indeed!
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    Mango spooked by something but focused

    It’s funny. Yesterday she was doing the same in the house looking at a balled up sock. She got close enough to give it a whack with her paw before running away.
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    Mango spooked by something but focused

    Our little precious doesn’t quite know what she sees and has to make a decision. She’s still rather timid outside but getting better…and this is a very controlled environment. How do your house cat(s) react to unknowns outside? Bravery or Scaredy?
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    The obligatory “exercise” video

    Our daughter has tried this in the past and that's about what she did too. She would swipe a few times and then give up on it. For some reason on these clips she was really determined.
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    The obligatory “exercise” video

    Thanks. Dad really would be happy to see how she brightens our lives. We were impressed with Mango’s newfound persistence. Really didn’t want to give up. A year ago she didn’t have that fighting spirit. Rescue cats are very resilient but it takes time.