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    What's For Dinner? - 2020

    Tonight? Being utterly exhausted and not even up to dicing an onion, I think a roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese and horseradish sauce. Now, later, when I'm more energetic, I'm going to cook that rump roast I bought, freeze the drippings to make gravy with, and slice the beef and freeze...
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    post funny picture and memes here

    Yep, sure did. Several that I've posted are my work.
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    I can't claim responsibility for that one! Climbing those trees is beyond me now, but it is a lovely shot, isn't it? I googled it.
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    All Thing Books And Reading Thread 2020

    I have now finished ALL of The Cat Who books, including the three volumes of short stories! Twenty-nine novels, plus those. YAY! I shall miss KoKo and Yum Yum, and their author will be sorely missed, but I think of those cats still living 400 miles north of everywhere with their faithful...
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    My gran used to say that azaleas were "polite rhododendrons." Ah, the vanilla orchid! My favorite of them all! Originally, this little wonder grew about 90 feet up in the rainforest canopy. As I recall, they seldom propagate, and when they do, the pods take a LONG time to develop and grow...
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    My cat will barely sleep or eat

    Us Boomers do that, too!
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    Why does her head bobble around?

    It takes time and patience. If you haven't done this before, these articles will help: How To Successfully Introduce Cats: The Ultimate Guide Introducing Cats To Cats
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    Happy to be here!!

    Welcome to you both! What a lovely cat George is. Come on in, relax, have fun, learn, teach...we're a community here, and you are so welcomed!
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    My 15 Year Old Cat Apollo Diagnosed With Cancer Among Other Things

    Rest you gentle, Apollo, dream you deep. Your pawprints are on someone's heart forever. One of the hardest things we ever have to do is to hold our beloved cats, and send them through the Gate between this Adventure and their Next Great Adventure. We send them with our love to light their...
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    In need of help my cat daisy has a broken leg

    Welcome! I'm so sorry that it took an injury for you to find us. PLEASE be sure to post in "New Cats on the Block" and tell us all about Daisy. Best of luck with your campaign. I added just a little to it, and shared it on FB.
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    Is 1 year old Smokey trying to get it on 4 month old Nala?

    He may be. She's just old enough to be starting to go into heat. And neutering male cats doesn't take away their willingness to oblige an available female. The good thing is, as disturbing as it is to watch, there won't be any kittens...and until she is spayed, if he is actually mating with...
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    New (feral) cat introduction went well until it didn't

    OK...I have a pressing question. Tell me exactly what these attacks are like. Is there fur in the air, or blood on the floor? You say "whacked," but do you mean a full-out, claws extended, OH GOD HE'S BLEEDING whack, or a series of HARD cuffs? Until we know that, we can't really begin to try...
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    Allergies and fatty acid supplements

    My own girl takes Claritin during allergy season, and that works very well for her. I did find this article for you, since I can't offer any direct, first-hand information. DO check with your vet before using anything, just to make...
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    After panleukopenia, how safe is it to adopt a second kitten?

    Tough, tough question. You're right...that virus can live for up to a year on surfaces. I'd ask the advice of your vet, to tell you the truth. The one who got your current kitten through this. I wish I could add more to this, but...just...THANK YOU for being so determined to keep any new...
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    Sore on side of chin

    I also wondered if she might have rubbed against some piece of furniture and picked up a splinter, which would have formed an abscess, which then burst. That, also, would look very like that. But do use the tea. It will help stave off infection until a vet can see it.