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    Post Dental Surgery

    Give some good cat probiotics to cat. My cat had diarrhea 2 days after dental surgery but I think it was due to antibiotics.
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    FIV+ stomatitis, stuffy nose

    I don't live in US (I'm from EU) so I can't buy those. But I have bought all of the stuff you can't get here that others recommended but with no luck for my cat. I think it's calicivirus that causes all of that and since he has FIV the symptoms are more severe and long lasting 😔
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    FIV+ stomatitis, stuffy nose

    He already had prescribed treatment with nebuliser, but I only managed to give him treatment once instead of 3 times. He cried in box and bite the tube from nebuliser so he broke the tube and was so impatient so I had to stop the therapy. When he's in stress he would get idiopathic cystitis 😔 We...
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    FIV+ stomatitis, stuffy nose

    Hello, I found elderly cat (about 15 years old) 2 months ago. He was just skin and bones, with green nasal discharge, sometimes even blood came out when sneezed and also fiv positive. Long story short, he has stomatitis, went in for teeth extraction after a week ago (canines are still in) but...