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    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    My nice thing about today. Holding one of my cats Hermie, He is not much of a love bug. You cant hold him unless he wants you to, Today was the day I could. :clapcat: :purr::lovecat::catlove:
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    Comment by 'mamacat1956' in article 'Quiz: Let Us Guess Your Favorite Cat Coat Color'

    Mine is Calico or Tortoiseshell, I had many tortoiseshell, Sadly they passed. I love all cat colors, I have a orange, and 2 gray and white cats now, I love all cats.
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    Has anyone used Nomoflea?   There phone number is. 1-888-644-7297,  Since it is natural. you dont have to worry if you must reapply. It worked on my cats, They even have a cat vitamin you can order, I also got that for my cats.  I hope you can find it.                   
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    Has anyone used Nomoflea?

    I am glad the Nomoflea worked for you, I used a whole bottle in my living room, I still had fleas,  I used DE powder in my living room, That works great, Then I found a natural product called, Flee Flea, It killed the fleas right away,  And it has a nice smell to it.           
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    Has anyone used Nomoflea?

    Flee, Flea  is made by Dancing paw. If any one wants to get some. Amazon also has it, They also have a daily vitamin for cats, I got that also,    
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    Has anyone used Nomoflea?

    My hubby called to people at Nomoflea, And told them what is going on. At first they told him. Its not 30 days yet, Give it a chance, Then they told him it must be new fleas,  He told them that we used all most  a full bottle of the stuff they have for the house,  They gave him some kind of...
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    Has anyone used Nomoflea?

    We bought the Nomoflea. We got the one for our cats and the one for the house, It DID not work,  I put it on the cats on a Wednesday, and sprayed the house. By Saturday the cats was loaded with fleas, I had to go to Walmart, and get some Pet Armor,  And put DE powder on my rugs, If any one is...