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    Found kittens!

    LOL Maia does the same ! She suckles my shirt or blanket when I'm in bed she does the  same to my bf and also when I'm in the bathroom she's gonna be three in a couple days.
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    Here's your chance to meet and greet some of our cats.

    Hi this are my babies Maia on top and Foley on bottom. They love to chase each other around especially at 5 am. Foley is very needy and wakes me up every morning so I can pet him. He weighs 15 pounds so it's pretty impossible not to wake up when he walks around my belly/back. Maia is a daddy's...
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    Cheaper Canned Foods?

    They only like fancy feast grilled. Not classic nor pate. Just grilled. 
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    Sunday's Question of the Day - Feb. 22, 2015

    If they are not asleep and I'm out the door calling their names before I go in they come and receive me. If they are asleep I'm usually the one that's gotta look for them. Sometimes they pay attention and other times they will wait until Anthony gets home to even say hi.
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    Cat ate my sleeping pill

    this has never happened to me but assuming kittens body way smaller than yours... I would not be able to sleep so I could keep track of my cats reactions of the drug. I wold wait at least 12 hours to see what effects such drug has on my baby even though animal control has said its fine. I mean...
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    Cheaper Canned Foods?

    I've honestly never read the ingredients of iams but Maia and Foley love any Fancy Feast that's grilled and delight.
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    What's the temp where YOU live today?

    it was -1 Fahrenheit in the morning felt like -18 I was dying I grew up in Guatemala where the temperature is 40 degrees celsius all year round 
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    Failed Fostering.....I think we need to keep "little Helen"

    now you have to add Helen to your signature 
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    What's for dinner? - 2015

    have some meatless ground beef and chick buffalo patties but I dont really have any other ingredients for pasta or tacos so i just had a veggie lo mein and i eat it with chopsticks. my first time eating with chopsticks. I liked it. 
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    going to get all the cats fixed soon

    Tomorrow is the anniversay of Maia's spaying. I am so glad that I was unemployed back then because I could not have left her alone. First of all I cried when I left her at the vet. I cried when I picked her up. I cried when I brought her home and put the ecollar and she didnt like it. I cried...
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    Do you have a blender? Do you use it?

    yup I had a coupe pats on my back... Its not a big deal babe... my boyfriend said.  Actually he helped me clean the mess lol such a good boo Doesnt help me with the dishes NOW though 
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    Do you have a blender? Do you use it?

    @Chromium Blues the beans got into the blender base. It rattled when I moved it :lol3: